MyWed Award 2019 Contest Results

¡Hola, amigos! 🌵Greet El Maestro of the MyWed Award 2019 – Christian Macias @christianmacias
Best Wedding Story: in the Photographer of the Year nomination:
Fabio Mirulla – @fabiomirulla
Artem Vindrievsky – @vindrievsky
Rino Cordella – @cordella
Elena Haralabaki – @elenaharalabaki
Fedor Borodin – @fmborodin
Vladimir Tsarkov – @tsarkov
Igor Bulgak – @bulgakigor
Nunzio Bruno – @nunziobruno
Adam Riley – @adam-rileyThe decision-making days of the MyWed Award 2019 are over. We are overjoyed to lift the veil and announce the name of the winners.Overthrowing 787 wedding stories submitted by the best-skilled photographers of the world, the Mexican virtuoso gets the Photographer of the Year title and the Nikon Z7 camera complete with Nikkor Z 24-70mm f/2.8 S lens provided by our incredible sponsor, the Nikon Corporation.This year, we received 21 019 photos in the single shot nominations.
Huge thanks and hugs to each jury member for their brilliant work and involvement in the MyWed Award contest!So, here goes the list of the winners in single shot nominations:Engagement – Pasquale Minniti @pasqualeminniti
Getting Ready – Piero Angelo Serrecchia @Piero68
Details – Kemran Shiraliev @kemran
Wedding Guests – Manish Patel @THETAJSTUDIO
Ceremony – Matteo Lomonte @lomonte
Moment – Mateo Boffano @boffano
Family Portrait – Fedor Borodin @fmborodin
Heroes of the Day – Vasiliy Tserevitinov @tserevitinov
Wedding Party – Pasquale Minniti @pasqualeminniti
First Dance – Víctor Martí @victormarti
The Bouquet Toss – Ken Pak @kenpak
Cake Cutting – Fedor Borodin @fmborodin
Conceptualize – Kemran Shiraliev @kemran
Houston, we have a problem – Alex Paul @alexpaulphoto
Aesthetics – Andrey Nastasenko @Flamingo
The in-between – Sanne De Block @SanneDeBlock
Somewhere epic – Vasiliy Tserevitinov @tserevitinov
Kids – József márk Losonczi @Losonczi
Let's have fun – Steven Herrschaft @stevenherrschaft
Glances and looks – Pavel Golubnichiy @PGphotoEach of them will receive $300 for their victory.We will contact each winner regarding the reward in the coming days.
The list of winners and finalists is published on this page: would like to say our muchas gracias to all 2 606 photographers from 92 countries from all over the world who joined this adventure, and let's congratulate the winners!

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Gratuluję zwycięzcy, gratuluję finalistom. Cieszę się że znowu trafiłem na listę TOP 10 w jednej z kategorii. Dziękuję ekipie Mywed i szanownemu jury. Cudownie być wśród najlepszych <3
I am proud of two photos in the top 10. Wow!
Congratulations to all great photographers <3 !!!!!
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Mesej dihapuskan oleh pemiliknya
Un'emozione grandissima ricevere una notizia che mi riempie di gioia!
Grazie a MyWed per questo premio.
Complimenti a tutti i finalisti e vincitori!
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Very beautiful photos from this year wow!!!

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