“Photographers Wanted” Feed with Requests from Brides Opened

Good news, everyone!We are pleased to let you know that we have opened up the “Photographers Wanted” announcements feed: mywed.com/forum/tenders…Now you can see requests for photographers published by brides and respond to them by posting an offer in the comments of the topic.Please bear in mind that you have to be a MyWed Pro member in order to view these requests.
You can join Pro members here: mywed.com/proBy the way, in case it happens so that a bride is contacting you for a photo shoot but you already have plans for the requested date, please give her a link to the above-mentioned page so that she could place an announcement.

Miguel Ponte (cmiguelponte) 1 Jahr zuvor

Great idea!

Estefanía Delgado (estefy2425) 1 Jahr zuvor


David Hofman (hofmanfotografia) 1 Jahr zuvor

Veru very good , thanks a lot for this!

Vasyl Balan (elvis) 1 Jahr zuvor

Very good)

Miguel Ponte (cmiguelponte) 1 Jahr zuvor

You should allow photographers to search by country and not only by city.

Mywed Team (MyWedTeam) 1 Jahr zuvor

Hi, Miguel,
Thank you for the idea! We have forwarded it to our development team.

Silvina Alfonso (silvinaalfonso) 1 Jahr zuvor


Monique Marchand-Arvier (marchandarvier) 1 Jahr zuvor

Great! But I saw that announcements are very old, so I think all is finished

Pascal Bénard (pascalbenard) 1 Jahr zuvor

Same as Monique ... let's see with time ;)

Ariel Robledo (arielrobledo) 1 Jahr zuvor

Very Nice!! :-)

Alberto Parejo (parejophotos) 1 Jahr zuvor

Me parece todo un acierto y una gran idea

Israel Arredondo (arredondo) 1 Jahr zuvor

Muy interesante ! Saludos !

Dario Sanz padilla (sanzpadilla) 1 Jahr zuvor

Gran idea, gracias MyWed

Fernan Des (fernandes) 1 Jahr zuvor

Great idea, thanks MyWed

Veronica Onofri (veronicaonofri) 1 Jahr zuvor

Thank you!!! :)

Ivan Lim (ivanlim) 12 Monaten zuvor

This is a great feature. May I know if any photographer has closed the deal with the customer yet?

Romildo Victorino (RomildoVictorino) 11 Monaten zuvor

I did not close anything yet, nor did they contact me.

Ivan Lim (ivanlim) 10 Monaten zuvor

me neither... i have doubt on whether the post is real?
But i really hope that this actually work out as it is suppose to be :)

Marcin Sosnicki (sosnicki) 12 Monaten zuvor

Fantastic idea !

Romildo Victorino (RomildoVictorino) 11 Monaten zuvor

Good idea, but old ads should be automatically removed by the system.

Jerzy Ledziński (jerzyel) 10 Monaten zuvor


Santiago Ospina (Santiagoospina) 8 Monaten zuvor

Great ! :)

Mugur Cadinoiu (cadinoiu) 7 Monaten zuvor

Wow! Woderful ... a good idea!

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