Ida and Alex - Elopement

29.05.2020 韦尔斯利, 美国
Ida and Alex married on May 29, 2020 in the beautiful Franklin Town Common, but their story begins in 2015. Ida and Alex met on OkCupid when they were both living in the Washington, DC area. Ida grew up there and Alex was the transplant from the Boston area. They began chatting by pure luck as neither of them were within the other's search radius (he was in Northern Virginia and Ida in Maryland). Ida saw a question he answered on the general feed and started a conversation, and met a week later in DC. The rest, as they say, is history!I think the most interesting part if how he popped the question. Ida and Alex were celebrating their 3rd anniversary in Iceland when he proposed to her. The two went on a tour to the largest glacier in Iceland that included driving up the mountain to the summit and walking down into the ice through a series of tunnels. The tunnels were hand carved and not exactly "perfectly circular". In the center, the "heart of the glacier", was a tiny chapel with an altar made of ice and pews of genuine Icelandic driftwood. Alex asked Ida, very casually, if she would get married there in that chapel. Ida said, “yes, I think I would.” Then Alex asked her if she would get engaged there, and he got down on one knee and asked Ida to marry him and of course she said YES! Afterward the pair decided to buy a house and move to Massachusetts to be near family. The original plan was to be married in April 2020 with all of their friends and family present, but the wedding was canceled due to the pandemic. Ida and Alex had been engaged for over a year and just wanted to be married already. Where they live now, the town hall was closed and not issuing any marriage licenses so they went to the neighboring town of Franklin to get the license and schedule their elopement. On May 29, they two were wed with the justice of the peace and myself as witnesses. The ceremony was sweet and short, 15 minutes tops. Even though they were to be married in April, they didn’t let the crisis stop them from being married to each other. After the ceremony, we headed to the Elm Bank Conversation for some wedding portraits. We spend the rest of the time there within the grounds and kept their portraits natural and fun. Afterwards, the couple popped a bottle of champagne and celebrated their new beginnings as husband and wife.
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Luis Muñoz (LessMore) 1 月 前

Beauty story!

Yulya Tomilina (juliatomilina) 1 月 前

so nice and beautiful))

Mikhaylo Mazur (mikhailomazur) 1 月 前

beautiful photo series!