Inspiration Days - International Photo & Video Forum

  • 活动 工作室
  • 城市 Mokra Gora, 塞尔维亚
  • 地址 31243 Mokra Gora, Serbia
  • 始于 2018年4月10日 在 10:00
  • 结束于 2018年4月13日 在 19:00
  • 1将出席:

phone: +381631166325 (Viber, WhatsApp) The main goal of Inspiration Days is the education of professional photographers and event videographers in the way in which allows the participants to get complete insight into the creative process of our lecturers, from the initial idea to the final product. In a broader sense, the goal of our International Photo & Video Forum is setting a high standard, exchange of experiences, making connections and improvement of pricing policy. Our workshops are conceptualized in a way that they offer as broad and as high level of education as possible in a short period of time, and so that it allows participants to significantly improve their shooting techniques, develop creativity and find their unique way of expressing themselves. During our workshop days participants will learn how to understand and use light, why anatomy is relevant in accomplishing a natural look of their models, how to avoid errors in posing, how to improve their editing skills, how to make an effective wedding book and so on. Between the lectures, analyzing photos and working in Photoshop, there will be a lot of shooting in different conditions. Our lecturers will reveal many tips & tricks they use in their assignments, so that you can get impressive photos for your portfolio. The International Photo & Video Forum has been divided into two parts – conference and optional workshops, though we believe that most of you will choose the whole package (keep in mind that the number workshops limited). Schedule Conference April 10th, Tuesday 18:00 Registration of conference participants
19:00 Dinner
20:00 Event opening. Short presentation of lecturers and their programs
21:00 Presentation of photo & video equipment
22:00 Late night boudoir shooting by Damiano Errico April 11th , Wednesday 08:00 Breakfast
09:30 Presentation of photo & video equipment
10:30 Lecture: Cristiano Ostinelli (photo)
12:45 Lecture: Casian Podarelu (photo)
14:00 Lunch
15:30 Presentation of photo & video equipment
16:30 Lecture: Maria Bushaeva (video)
18:30 Lecture: Fabio Stanzione (video)
20:00 Dinner
21:15 Round table: Building of Serbian association of wedding photographers and videographers; professional codex, price policy, registration, licenses, contests April 12th , Thursday 08:00 Breakfast
09:00 Presentation of packaging products and digital albums by our sponsors
09:30 Lecture: Working with wedding planers
10:45 Lecture: Ivelin Iliev (photo)
12:00 Lecture: Marian Sterea (photo)
14:00 Lunch
15:30 Lecture: Santi Veiga (video)
17:30 Lecture: Dima Vutkariov (video)
​19:15 Lecture: Siniša Nenadić (video)
21:00 Gala dinner. Awards from sponsors. Party with live music April 13th , Friday 09:00 Breakfast
10:00 Free shooting with models for seminar/conference participants (until 12:00).
12:00 End of conference/seminar. Check-out
Optional workshops Photo Damiano Errico – April, 10th (10-19h), total 8 hours
Cristiano Ostinelli – April, 10th (10-19h), total 8 hours Marian Sterea – April, 12th (15:30-20:00h, during the video lectures) & 13th (10-19h), total 12,5 hours + introduction lecture 2 hours Video Santi Veiga – April 10th (10-19h, 21-23:30h) & 11th (10-14h, during the photo lectures), total 14,5 hours Maria Bushaeva – April, 12th (10-14h, during the photo lectures) & 13th (10-19h), total 12 hours + introduction lecture 2 hours Price Conference (seminar) + accommodation & food (full board) 200 euro – until February 28th
250 euro – from March 1st ​Single workshops 140 euro – 1-day workshop
220 euro – 2-day workshop All you can take, conference + 2 workshops + accommodation & food (full board) 450 euro -until February 28th
500 euro – from March 1st
Accommodation Drvengrad \ Mecavnik is a unique blend of traditional ethno village and a high category hotel with various facilities to offer. These include among others: a cinema, a library, a church, a gallery, an amphitheater, a congress hall, an indoor pool, a sauna, a salt room, indoor and outdoor sport courts, jogging trails, ski slopes, a national restaurant, a pastry shop, an internet caffe... The creator and mayor of Drvengrad, famous director Emir Kusturica, lives here himself. The hotel offers standard and luxurious types of rooms, as well as the apartments. The accommodation of the participants will be in double rooms based on half-board or full-board, with a bathroom, TV and a mini bar. For additional info on the hotel, visit Feel free to send us an e-mail should you have any further questions.

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