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Nhiếp ảnh gia Georgi Georgiev

Varna, Bulgaria 

5 năm trên MyWed
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https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/nu3SD-WRGVoUwTUZzgh1wUEys1fuwvdNwznoSHKXYu-K1zypUThfxjYw6C6ywqsPjWfyTFpEDmRcpuXVlxgEVpEvtjEznPpABnHIIJo Varna, Bulgaria 240 BGN Georgi Georgiev +359 89 789 1300
    • I introduce you Stiliyana and Erdzhan – one of my favorite couples for taking pictures, with them I grab the moment, catching emotions and making memories last forever.The late sunrays were weaved in the frames of this photosession and they made the blue sea look so magical.