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Nhiếp ảnh gia Alex Und Maja Dück

Bielefeld, Đức 

2 năm trên MyWed
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https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/1hdbZNH5wvx8orPHKnQ-24g5bkv8sV98SSBm_ivRE2qJs276Z_EzcEP2v0yKa5qlLWKCaaIJIJTXnR_QE5Y90WdpgoxHCYobQfH8MlU Bielefeld, Đức 220 EUR Alex Und Maja Dück +49 1578 5800000
    • During this situation, you can get frustrated and that is partly because you have no couples to shoot. So we had two choices: We could either leave our heads hanging, get frustrated about all of this and say everything is bad. Or, we could adapt to it. We chose the later, just grabbed our tripod, …