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  • 首先─您認為誰是西雅圖, 美國最優秀的攝影師呢? :)

    Hawkeye Huey

  • 您上相嗎?

    Depends on the photographer.

  • 您如何開始從事攝影行業?

    I was working in the fashion industry in my hometown St.Petersburg, Russia. And photography was my hobby at the moment. I always brought my camera to the different events. Once the designer I worked with had a photoshoot of her new collection, and I worked there as her assistant. As always I brought my camera, and I took some photos of backstage. A few weeks later my boss asked me to show these photos. She liked my photos so much that she put them in her new lookbook. I was shocked and so happy at the same time. It was the first time I thought, maybe I should do photography my fool time job

  • 您認為一張好照片裡最重要的元素有哪些?

    mood and emotions

  • 您熱愛旅行嗎?

    Of course! Especially if It is a business-trip

  • 您最喜歡這個職業的哪個部分?

    I can work almost everywhere

  • 您最不喜歡這個職業的哪個部分?

    Since I have started to shoot weddings, I have never been just a guest at wedding. But I can live with it :)

  • 攝影的前景如何?

    Probably, video will be instead of photography.
    Photography will be like a painting now. Only if you are a "creator" who is doing kind of art using light and camera will be able to earn good money.

  • 您擅長的攝影類型有什麼特別之處?

    Everything is very special in the wedding genre. There is no the same scenario.

  • 您如何應對批評?

    Depends on who. Without criticism, people can't move forward, so it is very valuable to have a good criticism of your work.

  • 攝影有什麼潮流?

    Natural look, less is better

  • 客戶選擇攝影師的標準有哪些?


  • 拍攝時應該避免哪些事項?

    Wearing uncomfortable shoes

  • 通常不會被注意,但攝影師卻能留意的細節有哪些呢?

    Phone in the packet

  • 什麼事物會影響照片的價值?它包含了哪些因素?


  • 您認為哪個人可以被視為21世紀的代表人物?

    Elon Musk for sure

  • 您想拍誰?


  • 您有任何職業禁忌嗎?

    To prepare all my equipment at the last moment before the wedding – this is a big no.

  • 您想和誰一起拍攝?

    I probable would agreed to shoot with Bred Pitt

  • 您會擔心什麼?為什麼?

    That I don't live in New York City

  • 您人生中印象最深刻的一刻是什麼?

    The moment when I agreed to take my husband's second name

  • 如果您是個卡通、小說或電影角色,您想成為誰?為什麼?

    Nils Holgersson.

  • 誰能在生命中激發您的靈感?為什麼?

    Movies, architecture, music, art, and nature

  • 您如何定義成功?您會怎麼衡量它?

    When you satisfy with your life – this is success

  • 您是希望被喜愛或是被景仰呢?


  • 您在工作上犯過最大的錯誤是什麼?

    I was working in a place I didn't like

  • 當您要去旅行時,您會帶什麼?為什麼?

    Camera, money, and plan

  • 在您擁有的物品中,有任何您希望沒買過的嗎?為什麼?

    I only have things I need

  • 您如何學習拍出更好的照片呢?

    I educate myself to trust my feelings and my point of view
    And of course, I shoot as much as I can

  • 身為攝影師,誰的作品對您影響最大?

    I don't want anyone to influence me

  • 哪件事是您希望從開始拍照時就知道的?

    How important to be confident

  • 您想用自己的照片說些什麼?

    Love is everything

  • 讓您持續拍照的動力是什麼?


  • 您的雙親應該更加或是更不嚴厲呢?


  • 如果能回到過去,您會有什麼不同舉動呢?

    I would finish musician school.

  • 您對在其他星球上的生命有什麼看法呢?

    I would love to take photos of this life

  • 誰是您的英雄?

    My parents, my husband

  • 您空閒時會做些什麼?

    Weird things

  • 您什麼時候會對自己的作品完全滿意?


  • 您認可男女性的傳統角色嗎?

    I don't like this question

  • 您容易交到朋友嗎?

    not now

  • 您希望在哪裡生活?

    New York

  • 您曾同意嘗試過最愚蠢的事是什麼?

    I was trying to work in the place I didn't like

  • 結婚後還有人生嗎?

    of course no

  • 您喜歡狗還是貓?

    I like both

  • 人生中最棒的事是:

    doing what you like

  • 您的周圍有任何您想改變的事情嗎?


  • 您希望改變自己的哪一點?

    to become more productive and stop eating sugar

  • 您希望改變世界的哪些方面?


  • 您能為新進攝影師提供一些建議嗎?

    Go to learn in IT

  • 如果外星人來到地球,而您是他們第一個遇見的人,您會跟他們說什麼?

    Добро Пожаловать

  • 如果您被邀請去拍攝電影,那會是什麼類型的電影呢?


  • 明天我會去做...