MyWed Wedding Award 2022

Hi there!
Meet the MyWed Wedding Award 2022 – mywed.com/awardSorry for being a bit late, otherwise we would not have enough time for the Family Award :(WHAT’S NEW THIS YEAR:1. We removed the Engagement nomination (now we have the full-fledged Couples nomination in the Family Award) and added the obviously missing Bridal Portrait nomination instead.2. All the contest finalists (10 people in each nomination) will receive MyWed Pro+ status for the next 12 months, which automatically raises the photographer to the top of the directory (above the MyWed Pro members).ADDITIONAL NOMINATIONS THIS YEAR:Best Supporting Role
Oscarworthy minor charachtersHands & Arms
Sometimes they mean more than wordsFireworks
The final chord of the wedding dayPhotopoetry
Photos with visual or semantic rhymesTransparency
When the photographer's camera looks throughPaws, wings, and tails...
Unusual wedding guestsTears
Since you cry, let it be tears of happiness!Wind
Bad weather helps good photographersTHE CONTEST JURY MEMBERS:Elena Flexas (Mexico) – @elenaflexasXiang Qi (China) – @anelareAlbert Pamies (Spain) – @albertpamiesMiguel Ponte (Portugal) – @cmiguelponteDenise Motz (Netherlands) – @denisemotzKemran Shiraliev (Russia) – @kemranJesse La Plante (USA) – @jlaplantephotoDaniele Vertelli (Italy) – @danielevertelliEmil Boczek (UK) – @emilboczekSergey Korolev (Russia) – @mywedWe wish you good luck!P.S.: We have had to slightly update the contest’s module (because it was not designed for several contests), so something may not work correctly.
Please contact us if you notice any bugs, we will be very grateful!


Hi Sergey, I can't find anymore my uploaded series : is it related to the '22 Wedding Award?
Hello Roberto!
A thousand apologies! We've already fixed the bug. Your photo series is now showing up on your page again
This awards concern take photo by Nikon only ?
Of course not :) You can submit photos taken with cameras of any brand
Is this one of those contest where i have to share a ton to try to get votes?
This is a competition in which photos are judged by a jury.
Hi Sergey
I have a question. The series have to be from the same wedding?
@noxrvgc Yes that's right! It should be a story about a wedding day. And the word "story" is not accidental here :)

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