MyWed Updates: directory's adaptive layout

We have great news!We have updated the oldest and the most "crooked" page on the website, the photographers' directory:…Now it is easy to use, especially on mobiles 🙏Here are some of the major updates:1. Photos are now displayed full-size (no more square crops)2. You can view the 10 most recent photos in the portfolio by swiping just in the catalog3. If you click/tap on a photo, you can view it (and 30 more) on full screen4. You can contact a photographer directly from the catalog without visiting the profile5. Now the page is fully adaptive on mobiles6. For big cities, by applying filtration by rate, you can see a chart with the number of photographers in each price range7. Filters by category, rate, and language of the photographer now freeze at the top of the screen while you are scrolling downWe would be really grateful if you can test it and let us know what is not convenient.

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Thank you for all the improvements!
One question: when I filter by categories— sometimes there are showed same photos for “pregnancy” and “family”
Is it on purpose?
Hello Inna.
Could you please send me links to the pages where this happens and screenshots with examples?
I also saw that the “bell” ico is not visible in vertical screen mode. I have to switch to horizontal and there back again to Normal one in order to see the 🔔 ico
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1. You have sent a screenshot of the home page. Not a directory. Is this another problem?2. On the mobile version of the site, we have not updated the menu yet, so there is no bell icon. In some time we will make a redesign.
It looks cool and modern!
Great improvements :)
Thanks for the feedback ❤️
Outstanding improvements. Nice and clean
Llevo 4 años con MYWED para fotografias de boda, en Marbella >> Zero petición de presupuesto = Zero booking – PORQUE?
We don't have the best positions on Google for Marbella. But they are slowly getting better. When this group of requests is in the TOP-3, traffic will appear
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Muy buenas mejoras! Gracias equipo MyWed!!!
works very good, Im looking trough my PC awsome! nice work MYWED TEAM! congrats!
Hey what a great update, this looks amazing!
This new update is amazing thank you so much we really need it!!🥂👌🏻
klappt, kann alles sehen ;)
It's a bit of a mixed bag according to my husband who has 20 years experience as a front end web developer.
On the positive, it's a clean design with a good layout that gives you most of the useful information at a glance. On the other side, it seems that you have completely forgotten how a a website should work on a computer. Swiping doesn't work very well on desktop and it seems all the controls have been designed for mobile, leaving desktop very barebone and difficult to navigate and use. There is no action feedback, no hover indicators, no tooltips, no transitions or animations of any kind that will make the browsing experience more engaging or interactive. No loading indicators or transitions, you sit there for a few seconds looking at a black screen until the gallery loads. It seems you are loading the whole gallery instead of just what the user needs to see and deferring the rest in the background. The balance between speed and quality seems to be heavily shifted on the side of speed. Cached images on the full gallery are so compressed that you lose too much details for a photography site. On mobile, a simple snap to grid will do wonders for the side scrolling gallery. It's not very useful when you swipe and you land right in the middle between 2 images and your entire screen bounces up and down because the touchevent is not anchored to anything in the current viewport.
Hello Katya,
Thank you so much for such detailed feedback!
This is very valuable for us!In 1-2 weeks we will release a new version, in which we will fix most of the errors.Thanks again!
Vielen Dank für alle Verbesserungen!
Muito boa atualização!!!! show!!!

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