Greenbank Hotel Wedding, Falmouth

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28.09.2019 Фалмут, Великобритания
Natalie & Steve have known each other since primary school, but fast forward to 2011 and they ended up working together at the same restaurant. They kept bumping into each other on nights out and the rest as they say ‘is history’.From the moment that Natalie & Steve got in contact, I knew that being their Greenbank Hotel Wedding Photographer was going to be one of the highlights of my wedding season.Steve & Natalie’s wedding plans we’re about celebrating with family & friends and dancing the night away! All tied in with a gin theme, their parent’s dog ‘Lexi’ being the ring bearer and a choreographed first dance.We had plans to head to nearby Gylly Beach to catch the sunset and get some shots on the beach, but the good old’ British weather had other ideas. Not that it put a dampener on the day, we were able to create some equally beautiful, and different shots. And the Greenbank allowed us to throw confetti on the dancefloor, you legends!
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Christelle Rall (christellerall) 6 дней назад


Тати Франк (tatifrank) 6 дней назад

nice wedding

Георгий Кустарев (Gkustarev) 6 дней назад

I love it, well done!

Michel Bohorquez (michelbohorquez) 6 дней назад