Karishma and Raj , Destination Wedding in France

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10.06.2019 Монреаль, Франция
Can’t say what was the highlight of this wedding : A beautiful chateau in the middle of a landscape that can well be a wallpaper, the 2 century old airbnb where we stayed, the 9 hour long road trip we took from Paris to reach this remote village , the fact that everyone cooked together and ate together and we got to have authentic Indian food every day, or the couple Karisma and Raj who were a blast to shoot with. Guess its was a mix of everything.
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Роман Горбатовский (gorbatovsky) 2 недели назад

Good gob,man,very soulful!!

Mirko Accogli (MirkoAccogli10) 1 неделю назад


Francesco Smarrazzo (Smarrazzo) 1 неделю назад


Антон Крымов (antonkrymov) 1 неделю назад

incredible story! what a color and emotions!!!

Ольга Панасенкова (Akvareli) 1 неделю назад

прекрасная история

Роман Первак (Pervak) 1 неделю назад

Прекрасные эмоции!

Олег Зайцев (olegzaicev) 1 неделю назад