Mikaela and Tim

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11.05.2019 Ostuni, Италия
Destination Wedding in PugliaWhen they call you to plan their wedding only three months before the wedding day, that’s a challenge and finding one of the best photographers still available is really good luck!
Mikaela and Tim are a young talented couple from north Europe. They have chosen Puglia for the day to commit to one another and share their joy with the people dearest to them. The country style and the simple decors have set the mood of the day.
Mikaela was gorgeous in her tailor made dress by Galvan London and the perfect hairstyle by Massimo Moro.
An emotional symbolic ceremony under a centenary olive tree has started celebrations. Aperitivo and al fresco dinner by the pool in the fresh air of the beginning of May and a party under the pergola to dance the night away!
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Ника Пакина (Trigz) 1 неделю назад


Antonio La malfa (antoniolamalfa) 1 неделю назад

Bellissimo reportage Frà!

Irina Eller (irinaeller) 1 неделю назад

Bellissima storie e bellissimi colori! complimenti!

Диана Шишкина (d-shishkina) 1 неделю назад

Крутая серия и цвет шикарный

Сергей Носков (Nashday) 1 неделю назад

Отличная серия!

Ольга Цветочек (OlchikCvetochek) 1 неделю назад

Очень крутая серия!!

Сергей Макаров (makaroffoto) 1 неделю назад

Я восхищён!

Fabiano Rodriguez (fabianorodriguez) 1 неделю назад

Very interesting this story, I loved the colors, great work, congratulations!