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Фотограф Катя Чернова

Дананг, Вьетнам 

Истории любви, свадебная, семейная и инд-ая съемка. We are wedding and family photographers. We take pictures of people, their historys, emotions, events and impressions. Photo is a memory. We want people seeing themselves in our photos, experienced the same feeling as when the picture was taken.

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Владею языками: английский, русский
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/litwAe6wmWIDPuG5k32lecYCh6_w3clxZ__ESWDaK0OwW1qcISoyddJWCRbL8rm3C0MGEtSc6UcdmqhPJXfP0RhrjA Дананг, Вьетнам 100 EUR Катя Чернова +84 166 227 1302