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Фотограф Михаил Климковский


Рим, Италия PRO

My name is Mike. I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Rome, Italy. I spend a lot of time in Europe and ready to work with couples in love worldwide. I love artistry and creativity. I keep in mind the main values ​​of wedding photography.

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https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/yvrM10cHXnZTKznTf6Pu2Ef17h_gC3XzrMsuFiYatO4lNwRpH6AHt_r9ifSd5H7TD-3Snb7wYn0fXkmnZLro4T-i Рим, Италия 100 EUR Михаил Климковский +39 348 542 4113