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Фотограф Petro Kitsul

Нью-Йорк, Соединенные Штаты 

3 года на MyWed
Владею языками: английский
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/B8E8PyFs4HtdoIsC9DEMQfmxOmGOkJ4D2Wv3JBmOtKW41w1aOZhYY4X0W2WCkSoYVGcmRLBdRbeNjyyiSkOmVjTm Нью-Йорк, Соединенные Штаты 300 USD Petro Kitsul +1 646-915-6082
  • Самый волнующий нас вопрос – кто лучший фотограф в вашем городе? :)

    I definitely can name Andy Marcus from the Fred Marcus studio.

  • Вы фотогеничны?

    I am very photogenic, sometimes when people see me for the first time in real life they are struggling to recognize me, lol.

  • Как вы попали в индустрию фотографии?

    I was always curious about photography since I can remember, so one day I just told my self I need a camera. I have never regretted my decision.

  • Как вы считаете, какие самые важные составляющие хорошей фотографии?

    Great vibe, light conditions, and creative ideas

  • Любите путешествовать?

    Yes, I like to travel a lot.

  • Что в вашей профессии вам нравится больше всего?

    I love to work with new people, be able to tell their story through my photos, be ready to solve new challenges and to learn new things every day

  • Что в вашей профессии вам нравится меньше всего?

    The only thing I don't like about this profession is a crazy schedule.

  • Каким вы видите будущее фотографии?

    I think with so many new photographers and new equipment that evolves every year, there will be a greater competition that will make us, photographers, better and more professional and will bring the wedding photography on a higher level.

  • Что делает жанр фотографии, в котором вы снимаете, особенным?

    That you can share these special moments in people's lives and create wonderful memories for them that will last a lifetime.

  • Как вы относитесь к критике?

    I handle it very well, I'm always glad to hear another point of view on my photography, so I can become better.

  • Есть ли в фотографии своя мода?

    Prewedding photo sessions, back to traditions (like a "first look" for example), pictures that capture real moments, less staged photos, filmic or cinematic look.

  • По каким критериям клиенты должны выбирать своего фотографа?

    Make sure your personalities mesh, it's important to like the photographer's style, but don't choose your photographer just based on his portfolio, you need to be on the same page with him.
    A photographer should be open about their pricing structures and in turn, you should be clear on your budget. And keep in mind, that high-end prices do not always guarantee the highest quality but likewise, reasonable pricing does not always depict low quality.

  • Чего нельзя допускать при съемке?

    The wedding day may be very stressful, you can't avoid stress, but you can learn how to handle such situations and keep a positive attitude.