39 mm
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Катя Мухина (lama) 1 месяц назад

It was epic to shoot here! We nearly stand on our feet because of the strongest wind gusts blowing here! It was f freezing!!! Bride and groom and me hided behind that small piece of ice to discuss how to pose for photo. Then my assistant took they jackets and I had about 1 min or less to take several photos. That was challenging! And actually photos with Ice is what they wanted from the whole session. I will how some more later, but I think I done great job with my Canon EOS R.

Катя Мухина (lama) 1 месяц назад

PreWedding Photography in Iceland, Ice lagoon wedding

Laurynas Butkevičius (laurynasb) 1 месяц назад


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Васька Павленчук (vasiokfoto) 1 месяц назад

Amazing picture!!