Fotograf Catalin Stefanescu

București, România
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Fotograf Catalin Stefanescu
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  • Sunteți fotogenic?

    Occasionally, usually it's me who is taking the picture.

  • Cum ați ajuns în industria fotografiei?

    I started like many do in this business, with landscapes and portrait for my friends, but i wanted much more. Then at some point in my life things got crazy, i got married :). The photographer which i contracted for my wedding, eventually saw that i had potential. She took me under her wing, With lots of ideas in my mind, I agreed and started my apprentice time, and for that i am forever grateful to her.

  • Care sunt cele mai importante componente ale unei fotografii bune, după părerea dvs?

    The message. Whether this is an emotion, a feeling, an expresion, body language or an idea. Its the overall statement of that glimpse moment in time that captures your attention, that doesn't need any explanation.

  • Vă place să călătoriți?

    Yes. I especially like the experience of new cultures, history, ideas. Its about broadening my mind and being more open to experiences and ideas. Its about learning about somebody and some place.

  • Ce vă place cel mai mult la profesia dvs?

    Broadening my experience of life in general by meeting new people, with different personalities. The places i visit and the freedom that comes with this.

  • Ce vă place cel mai puțin la profesia dvs?

    That it's not as appreciated as it should be.

  • Care va fi viitorul fotografiei?

    I am not sure. Probably it will continue this path for a while. But no matter how much the technology advances, the human part will still be the most important factor.

  • Ce este special la genul de fotografie în care sunteți specializat?

    I love the diversity, every time is something new. Meeting new people on one of the most important day of their life.

  • Cum răspundeți criticilor?

    Pretty good, pretty, pretty, pretty... pretty good, as Larry David would say, the creator of Seinfeld. For me criticism is a way to evolve and be better in any aspect of life.

  • Există tendințe în fotografia?

    Of course, but I like to think that i am on my own path doing things how i like. After all a good photo will always be appreciated over the years.

  • Care ar trebui să fie criteriile după care un client să aleagă un fotograf?

    To check the work of the photographer, and to recognize at least something of themselves in his style.

  • Ce lucruri sunt complet nepermise când fotografiați?

    I think freedom of creativity is a key part of a photographer, and to express your ideas should be allowed.

  • Ce detalii de obicei neobservate de alții pot fi observate de un fotograf?

    You have to be able to sense the emotion in one moment in time, to be emphatic, and to see the best light that leads to that extraordinary photo.

  • Ce influențează valoarea fotografiei? Care sunt elementele ei?

    The idea of sensing that moment, but let's not also forget light and composition.

  • Ce persoană poate fi simbolul secolului XXI după părerea dvs?

    It will be someone who is not born yet, it's to early to decide. I'm confident that our children will be wiser then us.

  • Pe cine doriți să fotografiați?

    Jimi Hendrix or a U2 concert.

  • Aveți tabuuri profesionale?

    Taboo it's a matter of perception, different from culture to culture, and should not diminish the creativity of photographer.

  • Cu cine ați vrea să faceți fotografii?

    Irving Penn and Lanny Mann.

  • Ce vă îngrijorează și de ce?

    I tend to take small steps in life. I prefer to find the solution then to be worried, all in all i tend to have a positive attitude in everything that i do.

  • Care este cel mai impresionant moment din viața dvs?

    The most beautiful and emotional moment is the birth of my daughter, Catalina!

  • Dacă ați fi fost un personaj de desen animat, de carte sau de film, cine v-ar fi plăcut să fiți?

    Jean-Luc Picard from the movie 'Lord of the rings" that had the line "Use the force, Harry" :)

  • Cine vă inspiră în viață și de ce?

    I usually learn thing by myself, and tend to take small bits of wisdom from everyone.

  • Cum definiți succesul? Cum îl măsurați?

    Success has different meaning for people. Some people would say success is fame, or money. For me success is reaching that balance between work and personal life, and to know how to be humble and grateful gain it.

  • V-ar plăcea să fiți mai degrabă plăcut sau respectat?

    I would like to be loved, the respect comes from my work.

  • Care este cea mai mare greșeală pe care ați făcut-o în profesia dvs?

    I tend to put a lot of my trust in people, and sometimes they disappoint me. So being a bit more suspicious will do me good.

  • Când plecați în călătorie, ce luați cu dvs. și de ce?

    I usually like to share the joy of a trip with my family. And a dozen of t-shirts. Like socks you can never have enough.

  • Există vreun lucru pe care vă doriți să nu-l fi cumpărat dintre aparatele pe care le aveți? De ce?

    I usually tend to get informed before for the thing i buy, so it rarely happens to me.

  • Cum vă pregătiți pentru a face fotografii mai bune?

    I tend to be my fierce critic about what i do. I constantly educate myself. I have lots of photography books that I browse from time to time. Other photographers work is also a source of becoming a better you.

  • Activitatea cărei persoane v-a influențat cel mai mult în calitate de fotograf?

    There are so many but mostly the one that took me in the business is Adina Dumitrescu. Then there's Chrisman Studios, Larry Mann, Jerry Ghionis

  • Care este lucrul pe care vă doriți să-l fi știut când ați început să faceți fotografii?

    I wish I knew that alongside being a photographer you also have to know how to be a good manager for your business, and to constantly self-educate.

  • Ce doriți să exprimați prin fotografiile dvs?

    This is what I see through my lens, this is how I show you the life, the people, the love, the colors, this is my perception.

  • Ce vă motivează să continuați să faceți fotografii?

    Things are changing everyday. We are changing every day. So wouldn't that be nice that at the ending of my life to do a so called time-lapse from all that I experience over the years through my lens.

  • Părinții dvs. ar fi trebuit să mai mai stricți sau mai puțin stricți?

    My parents where and still continue to be fantastic. I wouldn't change anything.

  • Dacă v-ați putea întoarce în timp, ce ați face diferit?

    I would have started learning about photography when I was younger.

  • Ce credeți despre viața pe alte planete?

    That exists. We are so far apart from them, but they are so close to us that we don't even know it.

  • Cine sunt eroii dvs?

    Regular people who are doing great things and don't brag about it.

  • Pentru cine nu aveți respect?

    I have no respect for liars and hate rudeness.

  • Ce faceți în timpul liber?

    I play with my daughter, watch a movie or have a drink with my friends, snowboarding, I like to ride my bike every time I can, swimming.

  • Care este latura dvs. pe care publicul nu o vede niciodată?

    That in my youth I was a fashion model.

  • Când sunteți complet mulțumit de munca dvs?

    I'm never satisfied with my work. That's how I get better, i evolve.

  • Credeți în rolurile tradiționale ale femeii și bărbatului?

    I don't think there should be a barrier between women and men. We are all equal, so the chances for succeeding in life should be the same.

  • Vă faceți prieteni ușor?

    Yes. I love spending time with people.

  • Unde v-ar plăcea să trăiți?

    In a small mountain city that has a lake near by.

  • Care este cel mai stupid lucru pe care ați fost de acord să-l faceți?

    I'm not so much into doing stupid things.

  • Există viață după căsătorie?

    Yes. I am the proof... so far. :)

  • Aveți o glumă preferată? Spuneți-o.

    The best trade would be to buy your photos for what they worth and to sell them back to you for how much you appreciate them!

  • Vă plac câinii sau pisicile?


  • Pe cine sau ce urâți?

    I don't hate anyone. It's a negative feeling that brings only bad things.

  • Cel mai bun lucru în viață este:

    To make the most of every moment.

  • Cel mai neplăcut lucru în viață este:

    To live other people life

  • Este ceva în jur ce v-ar plăcea să schimbați?

    People should be more open minded.

  • Ce v-ar plăcea să schimbați la dvs?

    To be more positive about certain things.

  • Ce v-ar plăcea să schimbați în lume?

    People should learn to preserve and cherish what they have.

  • Ne puteți da câteva sugestii pentru fotografii începători?

    Be yourself, follow your own way, be patient, don't worry if you're getting some thing wrong for a few times. There is always a lesson to be learn from mistakes.

  • Dacă extratereștrii ar veni pe Pământ și ați fi prima persoana care s-ar întâlni cu ei, ce le-ați spune?

    I want to be a photographer on your planet.

  • Dacă ați fi solicitat să faceți un film, ce gen ar fi?

    A thriller.

  • Mâine mă voi duce să fac...

    play some tennis.