MyWed Award 2018 Contest Results

Dear MyWedians,It's finally time to disclose the names of the Photographer of the Year and the winners of MyWed Award 2018.This year's battle has been a cutthroat one. There have been 666 daredevils fighting for the Photographer of the Year title.We congratulate Alina Postoronka who is the Photographer of the Year 2018. Her trophy is Nikon D5 provided by the Nikon company.And here go the single shot nominations winners:Engagement – Roman Korolkov
Getting Ready – Agustin Regidor
Details – Andrea Pitti
Wedding Guests – Matteo Lomonte
Ceremony – Vlad Pahontu
Rings – Aleksandr Vasilev
Family Portrait – Sergey Skopincev
Heroes of the Day – Christian Macias
Wedding Party – Massimiliano Magliacca
First Dance – Kira Nevskaya
The Bouquet Toss – Vera Fleisner
Cake Cutting – Sergey Klychikhin
Beauty saves the world! – Denis Kalinichenko
Minimalism – Donatas Ufo
Complexly Plotted Photo – Aleksandra Botvinovskaya
The Colour's Speech – Shivali Chopra
The Dynamics – Barbara Fabbri
The Unexpected Twist – Miguel Ponte
Light of the Night – Krzysztof Krawczyk
Connection – Ricardo RanguetttiThe winners of single shot nominations will receive $300 and a free copy of SmartAlbums 2, album design software by Pixellu.We will contact them regarding the reward in the coming days.The list of winners and finalists is published on this page: to everybody who took part in the contest and congrats to the winners! Greetings & hugs! : )

Wojtek Hnat (wojtekhnat) 5 miesięcy temu

Thank you for the distinction of my photo! Top 10 is an honor for me.

Pete Farrell (petefarrell) 5 miesięcy temu

Which images actually appear in the €50 book?

Miguel Ponte (cmiguelponte) 5 miesięcy temu

Good question?

Aaron Storry (aaron) 5 miesięcy temu Cytat

Really good question Pete. Following :)

Mywed Team (MyWedTeam) 5 miesięcy temu Cytat

Replying to everyone here: any photos you wish 😉 Merry Xmas!

Miguel Ponte (cmiguelponte) 5 miesięcy temu

Thanks guys for the award and two other top ten. I am still in deniel :)

Shivali Chopra (shivalichopra) 5 miesięcy temu

thank you so much guys !

Mario Iazzolino (marioiazzolino) 5 miesięcy temu

Grazie MyWed essere nella top 10 e fantastico

Samantha Pastoor (pastoor) 5 miesięcy temu

congrats for all!

Miguel angel López (focusfoto) 4 miesiące temu


Ricardo Ranguetti (ricardoranguett) 4 miesiące temu

Obrigado a todos, especialmente ao pessoal do MyWed Team que faz um trabalho incrível por todos nós.

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