Best moment to post on MyWed

Hello!! I'm a photographer from Caracas and I'm a little bit lost in the site, I upload a photo but then after half hour it get lost between thousends of photos and it doesn't get any more likes, or at least only a few more. How does this works? Is there a better time for posting your photos? Does people promote their work? Thank you for any help! And all the best!

Natalya Grigoreva (nataligrigorieva) 5 måneder siden

We all have the same problem ;) And there is nothing you can do with that. If your photo is great, its gonna get many likes immediately. If not, just try to post something more creative, something more attention-grabbing, if you really care about getting likes.

Victor Rodriguez urosa (victormanuel22) 5 måneder siden

Well is not about that, the thing is I see that some other photos stay in the rooster longer and by that get more atention so I don't get how the metrics of the site works for that :S..

Natalya Grigoreva (nataligrigorieva) 5 måneder siden

its exactly about that, unfortunately. "some other photos stay in the rooster longer" – it depends just on how fast a next photographer uploads his photos. No one knows when it will happen.
We have separate forum In russian language, and people there are much more active, we talk there a lot and believe me, this topic we discussed many many times. No one knows the best time for posting, alas :(

Victor Rodriguez urosa (victormanuel22) 5 måneder siden

Thats a shame haha.. and by "some other photos stay in the rooster longer" is that some are showed in the main page and stuff and others not, and don´t understand the criteria to do that :S..

Natalya Grigoreva (nataligrigorieva) 5 måneder siden

Well, the only thing i know ahaha is that if you get about 25-30 likes (depend on who gave these likes to you) in first hour or 2, you will get a yellow sign on your photo. In this case you gonna be in rotation on the main page.

Marco Cuevas (marcocuevas) 5 måneder siden

yo se como funciona , saludos

Ivelin Iliev (iliev) 5 måneder siden

como funciona Marco? :)

Richard Flete (sublimerd) 5 måneder siden Siter

Si, yo tambien quiero saber.

Victor Rodriguez urosa (victormanuel22) 4 måneder siden Siter

Me encantaría saber Marco si no te molesta compartir la información. Saludos!

Dimitri Kuliuk (imagestudio) 2 måneder siden

If someone knows the question let me know!))

Beto Simões (BetoSimoes) 2 måneder siden

I also can not see my wedding history in the already posted, and the portfolio, does not appear in the New!

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