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I always thought that you would need to able to speak the same language as the couple to be in the same page, otherwise it wouldn't be possible to do a good photoshoot.
But last year an hungarian couple booked a full extent photoshoot, using only google translator.
The problem was that they didn't speak any other language other than hungarian and I only found that out on the day of the shoot!!! The only way for us to understand each other was through body language, smiles and little nods.
Guess what! It worked just fine. What do you think? Have you ever came across a situation like this?Checkout some photos from the photoshoot here:…

Irina Pervushina (London2005) 1 år siden

I had such situation and I solved this problem also by body language and also using my old photos in my mobile when they didnt understand what did I want from them)) It was fun))

Miguel Ponte (cmiguelponte) 1 år siden

Great idea. Really didn't remember to show them photos on my phone.
Anyway I thought they could understand some english and didn't really prepare myself for it.
:)Have you published that storie here in MyWed?Checkout the result of my story at:…

Ufuk Akyüz (ozelfotografci) 1 år siden

:) güzelmiş hikaye

Dimitri Kuliuk (imagestudio) 2 måneder siden

Well if you are a great person everything will go smoothie and it will be a great experience for all!

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