Alteration of the Rating System on MyWed

Hi, buddies!This weekend we succeeded in readjusting the rating system on MyWed. From now on, the Editors' Choice marks are more influential. In addition, the more recent the photo or the wedding story with the Editors' Choice mark is, the stronger is its impact on the rating of a photographer who uploaded it.Due to this change, the position of some photographers in the directory might have been rearranged: photographers with old Editors' Choice marks might have lost their positions, while the ones with fresh marks climbed higher.


Hello. I'm high in the ranking of my country, I'm very happy, but I have a lot of pictures of the week, they have an impact, there are better photographers in my country (more editors' choices, best photos of the year) it's not fair that I'm higher than I think that it is worth to think about changing it, maybe I will fall in the ranking, but it will be more just. Sorry for my English. I greet the whole team.
Hi, Wojtek, thank you for your comment!
One of the main reasons for your high rating is that you are the finalist of the "Family portrait" nomination of MyWed Award 2018. Photos of the Week do, of course, influence the rating of any photographer on MyWed. Greeting to you from the team as well!
Hello, I hope to receive Editors Choice on my photos and stories soon!
Something to consider is the fact that some photographers seem to rank higher just because they upload more photos. The problem is that in some cases less is more. Having fresher content is not always a sign of quality.There is a photographer in my hometown that ranks higher than a better overall photographer just because he has around 80 photos uploaded and the photographer bellow him in the ranking has half ot the photos, even if they are much better in general.
Hello! Only a pro members can receive this marks? Because I have this feeling that editors don´t look pictures from whom is not a pro member. No metter how rating system works I love this site! Thanks
Our editors see new photos of all members, so it doesn't matter if you are a Pro or a non-Pro member.
I have the impression that the editors don't look at all the photos that are uploaded. But only a few ... I think my photos have never been seen by any editor.
Our editors review photos of all MyWed members. Sometimes they just need a little more time to look through all freshly uploaded photos.
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What is frustrating is that so many of the images that get an editor flag are repeated scenes. Basically if you submit and image with a couple getting hit by rice on a church exit it's an automatic editor flag. There are hundreds of these. Over and over. Yet so many other unique images go unnoticed.
True! They have special love for rice :D :D :D
I have the same impression Guglielmo...
Nic na siłę, pamiętajmy że jest to subiektywna ocena redaktorów. Jest dobrze. Pozdrawiam.
tengo una duda.... por que en la pestaña FOTO DE LA SEMANA, que estan ya con el simbolo amarillo hay muchisimas fotos que no lo son y tienen poca puntuacion y estan antes que muchas fotos, y estan puestas en foto de la semana sin serlo....
Wycofuję swoje wcześniejsze słowa. Niestety portal stał się monotonny. Jest tyle pięknych zdjęć które nie są doceniane... wciąż Ci sami ludzie dostają wyróżnienia, rankingi to bzdura, zdjęcia tygodnia chyba mają największy wpływ na ocenę fotografa. To jest proste, daj lajka dam Ci swojego, dlatego ja przestałem praktycznie oceniać zdjęcia. Zróbcie coś z tym bo pouciekamy. Od kilku tygodni jestem na Was po prostu wściekły. Przykre ale prawdziwe. Pozdrawiam, ale chyba czas na coś innego.
First of all i am not a MyWed staff member :) The photo of the week stamps don't have any value. For what i can understand, the red stamps give the most points, then comments and likes. Having a yellow stamp is of no value other than having your photo show in that gallery.
Don't give up, because sooner or later, if the your work has value, they will notice you :)
Miguel, tu nie chodzi o mnie, ja się nie przejmuję. Zerknij na ranking mojego kraju. Wyciągnij wnioski. Znam swoją wartość, nie potrzebuję znaczków, dlatego mało publikuję, nie oceniam, oglądam i obserwuję, to widać... Pozdrawiam.
I think it's ridiculous that some works get awards. There are very good photos, but they don't have awards. This doesn't seem fair to me.
As mywed team, you need to review this.
How your algorithm or whatever you use to give reach to a picture works? I'm really intrigued, I have seen some amazing work from many photographers and not even a best of week, and there are some really not that "WOW" pictures with editors choice, best of week. just because they are black and white pics. Looks more like a popularity contest.

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