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Jurufoto Federico Guendel


Terakhir dilihat lama dahulu

Paris, Perancis 

6 tahun di MyWed
Saya boleh bertutur dalam bahasa inggeris, perancis
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/SwoC9ZJaJpkB6PESZPnOsrrMYkABotkO80W65lgdKv6REGhD4PbDoty4v_n2XjC5F2dGioRqxL-AwpHGQ-6UlfI83Nq8h18lv5b4 Paris, Perancis 250 EUR Federico Guendel +33 6 51 80 25 50


  • Adakah anda seorang yang fotogenik?

    Good one! Ana and I often get asked by other photographers from all over the world to pose for them for their portfolios in Paris. Not sure if that means that we are photogenic, we are just different and that is always fun to photograph.

  • Bagaimanakah anda mula menceburkan diri dalam industri fotografi?

    My wife has had a wedding photography business in Austria before we even met and I was working in fashion photography. Once we tied the knot and moved to Paris it was just a natural thing for me to join forces with her and now we work as a tandem. Every single photo we deliver gets shot by either of us, color corrected by Ana and then skin retouched by me to the fashion photography standard.

  • Apakah komponen paling penting sekeping foto yang bagus menurut pendapat anda?

    As an avid cinema lover I'm fascinated with capturing emotion in a cinematographic way. The true connection read in the photograph in one frozen in time moment for me is what makes a good photograph. It has to tell a story and reflect the character of people in it. If it we up to me I wouldn't care for the backdrop, but working in Paris it's a fine line between architecture vs the couple in it. Still discovering my way to tell the best narrative while also focussing on the backdrop to it.

  • Adakah anda minat mengembara?

    Yes! Being from Costa Rica I have lived in Sweden, Canada, the US, Austria and now France, my wife is Russian and she lived in Italy, Germany and Austria before we met. In between the two of us we speak 6 languages, so traveling is a way of live for us and we enjoy it immensely.

  • Apakah yang paling anda sukai mengenai kerjaya anda?

    That's an easy one – making people happy!

  • Apakah yang paling anda tidak suka mengenai kerjaya anda?

    Time! The reality of the fact that time is a finite resource and catering mostly to travellers we often have to say no to a couple who otherwise would be a perfect fit because another perfect fit has already booked their date. I think saying no in general is the hardest thing for me as a wedding professional!

  • Apakah masa depan fotografi?

    In the past wedding photography has been a narrow field but now with the advancement of technology and wider variety of choices there are so many paths to develop. Film photography has made a big and luxurious comeback. Social media and search engine optimisation have made it more difficult to shine with just the photos and make us work that much harder on being great marketers too. What my hope is that in the sea of voices and choices it would still be possible for each bride to connect with her perfect storyteller of a photographer, but how only future will show.

  • Apakah yang istimewa dalam genre fotografi yang anda sedang mengkhusus?

    A wedding is a special moment for me when a couple come together in a celebration of what makes them different, defines their choices as individuals and shows all the points two people connect and blend in their unique way. Capturing all the little details and emotions of what makes that couple different from any other couple is what makes wedding photography as epitome of a lovestory magical for me.

  • Bagaimanakah cara anda menangani kritikan?

    To quote a comedian "I was raised up to be an insult navy seal" – nothing gets under my skin. I don't mind any opinion and I will always try to get constructive criticism from it.

  • Adakah wujud sebarang trend dalam fotografi?

    My favorite two are the return of film photography and the return of the vintage film looks driven by the creations of VSCO and MastinLabs.

  • Apakah sepatutnya menjadi kriteria untuk seorang pelanggan memilih jurufoto?

    The very first one – can they see themselves as the people in the photos in the portfolio of this photographer. Second, when they talk to the photographer can they see him/her as potentially being one of their group of friends. This defines whether they like what the photographer has to offer skill-wise and whether the chemistry to capture that is present.

  • Apakah perkara yang patut dielakkan semasa penggambaran?

    It's a totally situational question – as a wedding photographer I pretty much need to be there and capture what unfolds and not be too intrusive. Not allowed is probably just asking me to hold my camera and play with it LOL.

  • Apakah perincian yang selalunya terlepas tanpa disedari namun boleh disedari oleh seorang jurufoto?

    Details! Hands holding during the ceremony, mom crying during the vows, the flower girl staring at the bride with an open mouth – those kind of details. During the wedding the guests are so focused on the couple, that what unfolds around them often goes unnoticed to their eyes.

  • Apakah yang boleh mempengaruhi nilai sekeping foto? Apakah elemen nilai itu?

    The emotion, the composition, the location – in that order! Yes, the location doesn't matter as much as catching a cinematic and real emotion.

  • Siapakah individu yang boleh menjadi simbol abad ke-21 menurut pendapat anda?

    In a society as diverse as ours I can't name one particular person because that would be too restrictive. I would rather point out a modern day nomad, a boho bride, a Kinkfolk reader – that's the symbol of going back to our roots, appreciating simple and healthy way of life and of love.

  • Siapakah yang mahu anda rakamkan dalam foto?

    My client. The couple who choose me for my style and my personality and who I feel like they fit well with me.

  • Adakah anda ada sebarang tabu profesional?

    Yes, client poaching. There are plenty of clients for all of us.

  • Siapakah orang yang anda mahu merakam foto bersamanya?

    I'm a happy man, as I'm already shooting with my perfect partner.

  • Apakah yang merisaukan anda, dan mengapa?

    The answer is always – time. There is too little of it and always too much to do.

  • Apakah detik paling mengesankan dalam hidup anda?

    Getting a callback for a job interview in the team of Rankin, who is one of my fashion photography idols.

  • Jika anda ialah karakter dalam kartun, buku atau filem, siapakah yang anda ingin jadi dan kenapa?

    Christopher Nolan's Interstellar is a metaphorical letter from him to his daughter. In the movie, McConaughey's character Cooper goes through time and space to save his daughter as well as keeping the promise he made to her.
    I'd like to believe that I would be Cooper – go through time and space for my family and keep my promise.

  • Siapakah yang menjadi sumber inspirasi hidup anda dan mengapa?

    Bruce Lee, because he had a really inspirational world view.

  • Bagaimanakah anda mentakrifkan kejayaan? Bagaimanakah anda mengukurnya?

    Success for me is not having unhappy clients. As long as it's down I now that I'm doing something right.

  • Mana satu yang lebih penting bagi anda, disukai atau dihormati?


  • Apakah kesilapan terbesar yang pernah anda lakukan ketika bekerja?

    Forgetting the name of the bride's mom. Embarrassing!

  • Apabila anda pergi mengembara, apakah yang anda bawa bersama anda dan mengapa?

    Passport, medicine kit, camera gear, change of clothes. I'm simple this way.

  • Adakah sesuatu yang anda harap anda tidak pernah beli antara banyak gajet milik anda? Mengapa?


  • Bagaimanakah anda meningkatkan diri untuk merakam gambar yang lebih baik?

    Look, look, and look. Wedding blogs and favorite photographers help me to identify what I gravitate towards the most.

  • Hasil kerja siapakah yang paling mempengaruhi anda sebagai jurufoto?

    My wife and Ivan Troyanovsky. As they are friends it's really – being a part of that creative group that puts cinematography first.

  • Apakah satu perkara yang anda harap anda telah tahu ketika mula merakam foto?

    That answering emails and managing business is taking up more time than the actual picture taking. Having been prepared for that I would have an easier road.

  • Apakah yang ingin anda sampaikan melalui foto anda?

    For me it's not what I want to say but what I want the captured moment to say – I want my photo to end up on the wall in my couple's house and for them to tell their grandchildren all the stories about their wedding day when they ask.

  • Apakah yang memotivasikan anda untuk terus mengambil gambar?

    My wife – seeing her passion for it and being able to be alongside her in our life and our work. There is no other thing I'd rather be doing.

  • Bukankah ibu bapa anda pada satu tahap patut bertegas?

    I wasn't really raised by a full family, rather my life has taught me and I wouldn't change a thing.

  • Jika anda boleh kembali ke masa lalu, apakah yang akan ada lakukan dengan cara berbeza?

    So far so good.

  • Bagaimanakah kehidupan di planet lain?

    Sure :)

  • Siapakah hero anda?

    Bruce Lee, Valentino Rossi, my wife.