Clärchens Ballhaus Wedding

Kita istorija
14.07.2018 Berlynas, Vokietija
Clärchens Ballhaus is known to many Berliners for their themed dance evenings! I totally adore this place and spent some time dancing salsa here before. When Anja mentioned the venue I loved the idea of their garden wedding here. And it looked totally stunning on their wedding day! We had sun, the garden looked amazing for the ceremony and the ballroom upstairs was decorated for their dinner.Before all this I met Anja again in the Honigmond Hotel in Mitte, Berlin, where she was getting ready. This gave me some time to photograph the dress, shoes and other details. Then I moved to Clärchens Ballhaus to meet Olaf who was waiting for his beautiful bride in anticipation.After the ceremony we had some time for the couple pictures which we took at some classic locations in Berlin Mitte. We walked to Monbijou Park and Museum Island before heading back to the drinks reception.
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