写真家Marius Barbulescu氏

ブカレスト, ルーマニア
6 年
写真家Marius Barbulescu氏

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  • 写真写りは良い方ですか?

    ​Very rarely! :)

  • どうして写真撮影業界に入ったのですか?

    ​I was 20 and had a photography class at the University! The moment I shot the first roll of film with a SLR, I was hooked for life! I feel very old at 32 saying I've started photography shooting film.

  • 良い写真を撮影するにあたって最も重要な要素とは何であるか、ご意見をお聞かせいただけますでしょうか?

    ​To send a message, a feeling or to make you remember things. We’re losing so many good things along the way in our journey through life like innocence, compassion, humanity, sincerity… just to name a few. Kids have them naturally, we’re born rich and most of the people die poor of these.

  • 旅行が好きですか?

    ​Yes! I can be on the road 365 days a year, but only if I’m with my family. Home is wherever I’m with them.

  • あなたの職業について一番好きなことは何ですか?

    The freedom to organize my life just as I want, the people I meet, the friends I make, the places I visit… I have at least 1000 reasons. Shooting weddings is for me my chance to use everything I experienced personally to create something new every week. Photography is not objective and it's a good thing because it lets us choose how we tell the stories. It's a refuge for me and an act that leaves me with no masks (or very few of them). I'm trying to shoot in a very sincere way.

  • あなたの職業について一番嫌いなことは何ですか?

    ​Deadlines! Sometimes it gets frustrating, but I’m getting better and better with them.

  • 未来の写真撮影とはどのようなものでしょうか?

    ​I have no idea, but I’d love to live it.

  • あなたが専門とする特別な写真撮影のジャンルは?

    ​For me it’s the freedom it gives me… I have a license to shoot everyone! And weddings are not just super fun, but also extremely diverse. I love that!

  • 批判に対処するには?

    ​Pretty well because I'm already my own fiercest critique. Nobody can match this! :)

  • 写真撮影でトレンドはありますか?

    Of course. But good photography is forever.

  • 写真家選択の際に、お客様が基準とすべきことは何ですか?

    ​I'd check to see if the work of the photographer I like is consistent, if he blogs every wedding he's shooting and, after a short talk over skype or face to face, if we get along fine.

  • 撮影の際、絶対に受け入れがたいことは何でしょうか?

    ​Touching people and being in the center of attention.

  • 写真家が気づくことができる普段は見過ごさせる細かい点は何ですか?

    ​“Common” people can become excellent photographers with experience. It’s just that good wedding photographers are trained to see more the “in between” moments, small gestures that make all the difference, little stories within bigger ones.

  • 写真の価値に影響を与えるものとは何でしょうか?その要因は?

    Composition + moment + light. For a great photo you can't exclude any of these.

  • どのような人物が 21世紀を象徴する人物になり得るとお考えでしょうか?

    ​Anyone that can bring peace and make the world a better place for everybody, not just for a few of us. Jesus Christ maybe if He decides to pay us a visit again.

  • どんな人を撮影したいですか?

    I let my destiny to choose that for me.

  • プロとしてタブーとしている事はありますか?

    I am never allowing myself to be bored or tired while shooting a wedding... ok, maybe a little bored from time to time, but I'm always trying to make things more interesting.

  • 誰と一緒に写真を撮りたいですか?

    ​So many people and they know who they are… but right now Sergio and Kelly from www.kellyandsergio.com intrigue me a lot. Their work is so original and authentic.

  • 心配事はありますか。またその理由は何でしょうか?

    ​I worry every time that I’m faking photography and that I suck!

  • 人生において最も印象的な瞬間とは何でしょうか?

    ​The moment my son was born.

  • もしあなたがアニメ化されるとしたら、文学または映画の登場人物のどちらになりたいですか。またそれは何故ですか?

    ​Sam Gamgee from Lord of the Rings! If more people would be like him, we’d live in a happier place!

  • あなたの人生においてインスピレーションの元となるのはどんな人ですか?また、それは何故ですか?

    ​Anyone who doesn’t put his own self in front of everybody else. We live in a selfish world and I’m trying to cure myself from that too.

  • あなたによって成功とは何でしょうか?また、それをどのように評価していますか?

    ​Success is when you manage to bring balance in you and around you.

  • 好かれたり、尊敬されたりするほうですか?

    ​I don’t fight for any of these, so I can’t answer. If I get to be liked or respected it's because I did something good. I only fight to do good things.

  • より良い写真を撮るために、どのように腕を磨いていますか?

    Every year I buy some photography books (not wedding photography, mostly photojournalism). I look at a lot of pictures (mywed is also a constant source of inspiration) and try to analyze the things I like in a picture. I shoot a lot of IPhone pictures and I try to stay alert to any interesting situations that might occur around me. A photographer should never "sleep", training and educating for this si a life long mission.

  • 写真家として、誰の作品に一番影響を受けましたか?

    So many, but mostly Saul Laiter, Sam Abell and James Nachtway. In wedding photography it was Jeff Ascough at first and then Ben and Erin Chrisman that started all for me! Their work made me want to become a better wedding photographer for all the good reasons.

  • 写真撮影を続けさせる動機は何でしょうか?

    ​The life I have now is a good one, I strive to keep it like this.

  • ご両親は多かれ少なかれ、厳しい方だったのではないですか?

    I have the best parents in the world, I wouldn't change anything.

  • 他の惑星にいる生命体はどうでしょう?


  • あなたのヒーローは誰ですか?

    The people who genuinely love to help the ones in need.

  • あなたが敬意を払わない人はどんな人ですか?


  • オフは何をしていますか?

    ​Family time, traveling, reading, movies, playing video games with my son.

  • 自分の作品に十分に満足するのはどんな時ですか?

    ​I’m far from being satisfied!

  • 男性と女性の伝統的な役割の正当性を信じていますか?


  • 簡単に友達になることができますか?

    ​Friendship is a ship that take a long time to build, so, no, I don’t make friends easily! But I'm an easygoing person, I get along fine with almost everyone.

  • どこに住みたいですか?

    ​Near a forest and a lake, a few kilometers away from civilization, but with Internet and electricity. :)

  • 結婚後に人生は存在すると思いますか?

    ​Having or adopting a kid is life, so, yes, there is a lot of life after marriage.

  • 犬や猫が好きですか?


  • 嫌いな人物や物はありますか?

    ​I’m trying hard not to hate anyone! So nobody, but I’m scared of extremists (any type of extremists)!

  • 人生における最高のこと:


  • 人生で最も厄介なこと:


  • 何か変えたいと思っていることはありますか?

    ​Preconceptions, I’d love to see the people more open minded (me included).

  • 自分を変えたいと思っていますか?

    ​The same things I’d like to change in other people too.

  • 新米の写真家にコツを教えていただけますか?

    ​You photography can only be as good as you are… so instead of learning tons of new tricks, invest in yourself, but not in a selfish way.

  • もし宇宙人が地球にやってきて、あなたが最初にその宇宙人に出会うのだとしたら何を話しますか?

    ​Go back, we’re not ready!

  • もし映画の撮影を依頼されたら、どのようなジャンルを撮影しますか?

    ​Sci Fi

  • 明日、これをしにいくつもりです...

    ​A 10km run!