New Lightroom Versions

Two new Lightroom versions have been released recently.The Lightroom version that each of us is used to is now called the Lightroom Classic CC.The released update is named Lightroom CC. It works with data via the cloud, and its interface resembles the smartphones' software version quite a bit.When installing, you can choose just one of the versions or both of them at once.What's new in the Classic version:
– You can now select photos using the RAW previews (the same way as in the Photo Mechanic software)
– Masks processing is improved
– General speeding-up of the work (finally!)

David Hofman (hofmanfotografia) 1 年 前

I realy like (finaly) the new speeding-up of the work. But trying time of expor, i saw its continious a little bit slow.Exporting 1700 JPG files to 90% quality its spends about 4 hours yesterday. Let s see the news for next update and take a look at whats is necessary to improve in current version.

Vladimir Vladimirov (VladiVlad) 1 年 前


Dimitri Kuliuk (imagestudio) 3 ヶ月 前

What computer you have David? It's really strange it takes so long time to export!