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Fotografo Valentina Jasparro


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Milano, Italia PRO

Photographers from we don’t remember when… Lovers, friends and collegues Married since 2016 We become storytellers, every night, in front of a delicious cup of chamomile Colors obsessed Film series and wine addicted

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Parlo italiano, spagnolo, inglese
https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/CouaJpq4NgCTYJ7gEqrHEsr35dQMCQqo7RkUb8CiAVEHg95ziY0Xm2ilTJBoYMK_9haWa0Du14dUMnEjiIld7bAjs9zrxuCEU5F3 Milano, Italia 150 EUR Valentina Jasparro +39 349 422 4761
Servizio di matrimonio: 190 EUR l'ora minimo 7 ore