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Fotografo Eder Acevedo


Ultimo accesso molto tempo fa

Oaxaca, Messico PRO

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https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/B8FYeeIJw9H4DEFy0UZPtZd0Ydh2d8ljUbUQnN3hpfhHbzzMHfxnhkjDbsbAc4d8vYZen89dYZM92RR8revzeg5wSBpTeNcTG4AR Oaxaca, Messico 265 USD Eder Acevedo +52 322 138 9942


  • Sei fotogenico?

    I hope so.

  • Come sei entrato nell'industria della fotografia?

    I was working as a in-house photographer for a hotel with many weddings, and a friend showed me all the amazing work of non-traditional wedding photographers, and that is when I decided what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

  • Secondo te, quali sono le componenti più importanti di una bella foto?

    Scenery, connection and heart.

  • Ti piace viaggiare?

    I love traveling, I wish I could do it more often.

  • Che cosa ti piace di più nella tua professione?

    I like that part at the end of a wedding when friends and family says good-bye to me as if I were part of the family.

  • Che cosa ti piace di meno nella tua professione?

    hard one, but I would have to go with being in front of the computer sometimes for too long.

  • Quale sarà il futuro della fotografia?

    Smaller cameras, more action, more photos, less knobs or wheels to use.

  • Cosa c'è di speciale nel genere di fotografia in cui sei specializzato?

    I have never meet so many people happy about their jobs on any other industry.

  • Come gestisci la critica?

    Depending who and how is given, but usually as help, a different view, a new choice and something that nourishes me.

  • Ci sono determinate tendenze nella fotografia?

    A couple, just enough to make things fresh.

  • Quali criteri dovrebbe utilizzare un cliente per scegliere un fotografo?

    First, the published work, the couple needs to love and connect with what the photographer has created; second, the personality, the wedding photographer is going to be around you during one of the biggest event in your life, make sure you want this guy to hang out with you.

  • Che cosa non è ammesso durante la ripresa fotografica?

    Putting down the camera and/or to give up.

  • Quali dettagli, che solitamente passano inosservati, riesce a notare un fotografo?

    For me it has always been about connection, and when I look at my first photos I can see that it always has been calling my attention, so now I can see before it happens, a good opportunity for this magical ingredient to be part of the images.

  • Che cosa influisce sul valore di una foto? Quali sono le sue componenti?

    Action, unusual, a feeling, great light.

  • Secondo te, chi può essere considerato simbolo del XXI secolo?

    I don't think a person can be the symbol, but I've been feeling that the idea of ORGANIC has been around for quite sometime.

  • Chi vorresti fotografare?

    Loving people, those who wake up with a smile, those who love themselves, those who dare to be authentic.

  • Hai qualche tabù professionale?

    I don't think so.

  • Con chi vorresti fare una sessione di ripresa fotografica?

    Uffff! so many, some of them are dead, but every time I have shoot with any other photographer, I have always get a good vibe, a good advice, a great new photo, so I guess I would really like to shoot with every single photographer.

  • Che cosa ti fa preoccupare e perché?

    That brides and grooms are happy and confortable, they are like the heart and soul of the wedding, what they feel is what every single guest will be feeling

  • Qual è stato il momento più impressionante della tua vita?

    When I got my first camera, cause I knew that after that point, all of my life will turn around it.

  • Se tu fossi un personaggio di cartone animato, libro o film, chi saresti e perché?

    The only one that comes to my mind, even tho, he is not animated, literary or movie character, is Dr. House, he is curious driven, sarcastic and hilarious.

  • Chi ti ispira nella vita e perché?

    My wife, she was the first one to believe that my images were good, and that gave me the courage to keep getting better and to push myself harder, she is also great at what she does and I admire her for that.

  • Come puoi definire il successo? Come si misura?

    Well, my definition is from changing failure to success, from getting better at what you do, every day is a new opportunity to do what you think is right, and to do it right, how many great experiences you got out of doing this, that is how I measure success.

  • Preferiresti essere amato o rispettato?


  • Qual è stato il più grande errore che hai commesso nel lavoro?

    One wedding, I put the camera down during the getting ready at the bride's room, cause there was little to no action, of course things don't wait for you to have your camera pointing at them.

  • Preparandoti per partire, che cosa metteresti in valigia e perché?

    Camera, sunglasses and phone.

  • Tra i gadget che possiedi, c'è qualcosa che vorresti non aver comprato? Perché?

    I read a lot before I buy, so I don't regret on my purchases, I use every gadget that I own.

  • Che formazione professionale segui per fare fotografie migliori?

    Workshops, read, practice practice practice

  • Il lavoro di chi ha avuto la maggiore influenza su di te come fotografo?

    Henri Cartier-Bresson is one photographer I admire, and every now and then I watch and see something new on his work, as if some piece of information was hiding from me the last time I saw the pictures.

  • Qual è l'unica cosa che vorresti aver saputo iniziando a scattare foto?

    To edit better, when you are starting is when you need the most that skill, unfortunately is when you also know almost nothing about it.

  • Che cosa vuoi dire con le tue fotografie?

    To love the next person in front of you, to connect, to become all one.

  • Qual è la tua motivazione per continuare a scattare fotografie?

    I really can't see myself doing something else, I am a visual person and photography has been the compas that leads my life in many ways.

  • Pensi che i tuoi genitori avrebbero dovuto essere più o meno severi?

    Less, altho I don't really think I was a sweet angel, hahaha.

  • Se potessi tornare nel passato, che cosa faresti in modo diverso?

    I would laugh even more, and hug as much as possible.

  • Che cosa pensi della vita su altri pianeti?

    Sign me in.

  • Chi sono i tuoi eroi?

    My wife, my kids, and a couple of good friends that have told me one or two things about life.

  • Per chi non hai rispetto?

    Those unwilling to try new things for them.

  • Che cosa fai nel tuo tempo libero?

    Video games, eat and watch the latest work from the colleagues.

  • Quale lato di te non è mai visibile al pubblico?

    I am crazy for order and things working all of the time, failing to change the toilet paper leaving it pointing outside will probably make you win a couple of sarcastic comments about yourself.

  • Quando ti senti completamente soddisfatto dal tuo lavoro?

    When I send the link with all the files to my clients, if I am not satisfied with any image, I go back and wait before I send anything.

  • Credi nei ruoli tradizionali di donne e uomini?


  • Fai facilmente amicizia?


  • Dove ti piacerebbe vivere?

    At the moment in London, is cold dry, the opposite of Puerto Vallarta.

  • Qual è stata la cosa più stupida che hai accettato di fare?

    Can't remember one specific, I have done many things that a lot of people consider stupid, I just love to have fun.

  • Esiste la vita dopo il matrimonio?

    The best life.

  • Hai uno scherzo preferito? Raccontacelo.

    3 rats discussing.....you know what, it needs the acting part in it.

  • Ti piacciono i cani o i gatti?


  • Chi o che cosa odi?

    Things not working as they should, and slow people at the ATM's, hahaha.

  • La cosa migliore nella vita è:

    To love, to have that feeling that makes you fly high in the sky and then float on your walk.

  • La cosa più fastidiosa nella vita è:

    Slow drivers, hahaha.

  • C'è qualcosa intorno a te che vorresti cambiare?

    Just my car for the moment, thanks.

  • Che cosa vorresti cambiare in te stesso?

    Patience is really not at all in me, maybe that.

  • Che cosa vorresti cambiare nel mondo?

    Monetary system, I don't think we need money to do what we love to do.

  • Puoi dare alcuni consigli ai fotografi alle prime armi?

    Listen what is happening in front of you, is the best movie you will ever see, now put the camera in front of you and capture it so you don't forget about this amazing movie.

  • Se gli alieni dovessero arrivare sulla Terra e tu fossi la prima persona ad incontrarli, che cosa diresti?

    So.....this how we hi-five in this side of the Earth, and on this other are you have to hi-five like this.

  • Se dovessi essere invitato a girare un film, di che genere sarebbe?


  • Domani vado a fare...

    Check out the new pizza place in town.