Sony a73 - Problem with auto focus in low light conditions (for photo)

I recently changed Canon 5Dmarkiii to Sony a73 and also I have Fuji xt3. First I noticed big time gap using Sony a73 with flash (GodoxTT685) that was almost fixed after I turned off redeyes correction and turned 2d curtain sinhronization. But I descovered another big problem – in low light (when need to use iso 2000-3000 or more) or in backlight there is huge problem with af – it can move few seconds and still cant get focus! I noticed it in 2-3 weddings and today was doing photo of birth in hospital (low light) and was soo terrible that I cant belive. Canon 5dm3 was better, Fuji xt3 and even xt1 is much much better. Is it really so crapy and I can use my Sony only during daylight OR my camera with defect OR do am I doing smg wrong OR is it any hidden secret adjustment in menu that I need to find to fix it? Tested with both lense – Sony Fe 85 1.8 and Tamron 28-75 2.8 – same (maybe lense sony little bit better, but stil same shit actually)


Dear Oksana, try to find the info here, but on the Russian Speaking forum, there are tons of information over there. Good luck!

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