End of Year (Top of List) Official Badges.

From previous years, as far as I know as don't recall receiving them, there hasn't been any kind of official badge or recognition for photographers finishing in the Top 10/50/100 of world and Top 10/25 etc of country with MyWed. If this is the case is this something people would want and can be done officially? I just think it is a good marketing tool for those photographers (especially if there is an official 'stamp' ) but also good for MyWed as a whole, due to the fact these photographers will actively promote the company through that. Anyways Hope everyone is well! Gavin. X


That would be great as it would be win win situation. Mywed would get a bunch of new strong backlinks too as photographers would not only promote mywed with the badge but also linking directly to their profile or the best of blogpost. So a +1 from me.
Good Idea. I now already link to my mywed profile on my website as i am ranked as top 5 for the Netherlands. But most Dutch photographers are sort of afraid to link to there mywed profile as nobody is doing it. An official badge could help for sure i think!

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