Photographe de mariage Elvire et xavier Martyn (martynph). Photo du 10.09.2020
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Elvire Et Xavier Martyn (martynph) martynph
thanks a lot for your comment!!!
Anton Yulikov (yulikov) yulikov
Wow, I'm so impressed with this shot ... I really like the compositional scene, highlighted by the warm glow of the evening lights. It is so beautiful and romantic ... It looks very beautiful especially in such a setting and in such shades.
Elvire Et Xavier Martyn (martynph) martynph
Thanks a lot for this comment. Really appreciated. Cheers
Kirill Guzhvinskiy (lokiast) lokiast
шикарное фото! просто бомба!
Petr Kapralov (kapralov) kapralov
нереальная красота!

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50 mm
Filmée le 29 août 2020