What is the best way , apart from uploading relatively good photographs , to achieve an Editor's choice or any such .

Waiting for response . Its been months .


Hi Sougata,Could you please specify what you mean under "it's been months"?To receive the Editors' Choice achievement, it's enough to upload good photos.
I am associated with mywed since 4years now and a daily consistent uploader and visitor of this forum . I love this forum too much . But what I found ,recently in few months , there are so many good photos which don't get the required recognition (editor's choice) , but at the same time , I find that some very simple photographs get the best of the year , best of the week tags , even editor's choice too ,which I believe , not justified and hence wrote – Its been months . Well , if its enough to upload good photos , then I think what is uploaded on my portfolio is not good enough.Please let me know your thoughts about the profile of mine .
Hello Sougata
I personally looked at your portfolio, but found only one photo that in my opinion is worthy of the "Editor's Choice" flag (marked it).In my humble opinion, many photos are pretty good, but they are spoiled by excessive and very sloppy post-production and coloring.

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