Alteration of the Rating System on MyWed

Hi, buddies!This weekend we succeeded in readjusting the rating system on MyWed. From now on, the Editors' Choice marks are more influential. In addition, the more recent the photo or the wedding story with the Editors' Choice mark is, the stronger is its impact on the rating of a photographer who uploaded it.Due to this change, the position of some photographers in the directory might have been rearranged: photographers with old Editors' Choice marks might have lost their positions, while the ones with fresh marks climbed higher.

Wojtek Hnat (wojtekhnat) 3 mois auparavant

Hello. I'm high in the ranking of my country, I'm very happy, but I have a lot of pictures of the week, they have an impact, there are better photographers in my country (more editors' choices, best photos of the year) it's not fair that I'm higher than I think that it is worth to think about changing it, maybe I will fall in the ranking, but it will be more just. Sorry for my English. I greet the whole team.

Mywed Team (MyWedTeam) 3 mois auparavant

Hi, Wojtek, thank you for your comment!
One of the main reasons for your high rating is that you are the finalist of the "Family portrait" nomination of MyWed Award 2018. Photos of the Week do, of course, influence the rating of any photographer on MyWed. Greeting to you from the team as well!

Dimitri Kuliuk (imagestudio) 3 mois auparavant

Hello, I hope to receive Editors Choice on my photos and stories soon!

Miguel Ponte (cmiguelponte) 3 mois auparavant

Something to consider is the fact that some photographers seem to rank higher just because they upload more photos. The problem is that in some cases less is more. Having fresher content is not always a sign of quality.There is a photographer in my hometown that ranks higher than a better overall photographer just because he has around 80 photos uploaded and the photographer bellow him in the ranking has half ot the photos, even if they are much better in general.

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