Sunni & Felipe ✨❤️ (Wedding at The Crescent, Georgia)

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20.12.2019 Valdosta, Estados Unidos
He’s from Brazil and she’s from the United States, but this beautiful couple met in France and fell in love with each other. They had their wedding day in Valdosta Georgia where family and friends flew thousands of miles to be there in such a special moment.When thinking about venues to get married in Valdosta, The Crescent is definitely one of our favorites. Sunni and Felipe chose this beautiful historic house with a neoclassical style, where a multicultural ceremony was held.
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Miguel ángel Martínez (mamfotografo) hace 7 meses

muy bonita historia bro!

Diego Velasquez (velasstudio) hace 7 meses

Muchísimas gracias brother!

Christelle Rall (christellerall) hace 7 meses

great wedding!

Diego Velasquez (velasstudio) hace 7 meses

Thank you Christelle!