Brendon & Kerry

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21.09.2019 Cape Town, South Africa
Brendon & Kerry are all the way from Australia and decided to get married at the beautiful 5 star luxury hotel, The Twelve Apostles. As Cape Town is known for, the wind was blowing us away but this never faded the bubbly, joyful spirit of this happy couple. Due to the wind, the ceremony was held facing the majestic mountain range. There were some joyful moments, fun moments and tearful moments. I loved the personal touch Kerry used to celebrate her South African wedding with the ostrich feathers party dress!
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Ekaterina Zamlelaya (KatyZamlelaya) 5 months ago

очень живая серия)

Christelle Rall (christellerall) 5 months ago

большое Вам спасибо

Alisa Tancyreva (Ainwonderland) 5 months ago

So good! Real true story of creation a family.

Christelle Rall (christellerall) 5 months ago

Thank you for these kind words!

Sasha Kychakov (sashakychakov) 5 months ago


Christelle Rall (christellerall) 5 months ago


Yuliya Gomerova (Yuliafox) 5 months ago

Великолепная эмоциональная серия!

Christelle Rall (christellerall) 5 months ago

большое Вам спасибо

Sasha Radchuk (sasharadchuck) 5 months ago

очень красиво

Christelle Rall (christellerall) 5 months ago


Arsen Kizim (arsenif) 5 months ago

Interesting story!

Fábio Santos (PONP) 5 months ago

Amazing Story Christelle, congrats!!

Denis Isaev (Elisej) 5 months ago


Ilya Sivakov (Sivakoff) 5 months ago


Evgeniy Rene (Ranier) 5 months ago

great work!

Dimitri Kuliuk (imagestudio) 5 months ago

So stunning story!

Aleksandr Zhosan (AlexZhosan) 4 months ago

Another one very interesting and eventful story! Keep up the good work Christelle!:)