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27.05.2018 Benest, France
I enjoyed every minute spent next to Hoa and Wilson during their destination wedding in France. So many emotions to capture, so many good taste in organizing their big day. It all started with the tea ceremony and the day ended with a kiss under the tunnel of sparkles.
Thang Ho (rikostudio) 2 weeks ago


Marius Tudor (mariustudor) 2 weeks ago

`Thanks! :-)

Victor Rodriguez urosa (victormanuel22) 2 weeks ago

Very beautiful and emotional. Love it!! Congrats!

Marius Tudor (mariustudor) 1 week ago

Thank you, Victor!

Marian Sterea (mariansterea) 1 week ago

Well done, Marius!

Marius Tudor (mariustudor) 1 week ago

Thanks, Marian!

Marius Tudor (mariustudor) 1 week ago

:-) Thanks!

Alex Bernardo (alexbernardo) 1 week ago

Que trabalho incrível! Impecavel! Parabéns

Marius Tudor (mariustudor) 1 week ago


Yuliya Govorova (fotogovorova) 4 days ago

Очень необычно!