Rachael & Alberto

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22.02.2020 El Tuito, Mexico
This is so far the most challenging wedding I ever covered before.It was a new U N I V E R S E for me.
Rachael & Alberto have this inexplicable – unique energy that makes you feel connected with your feelings in a very natural way.
The venue was incredible and as personal wedding photographer, This blew my mind.
Looks like tey build a place where you can enjoy the perfect balance and harmony of the 4 elements. Water Fire Air Earth. With all my love to all the charming soul who was there with us:
witnessing the meaning of love .
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Jorge Mercado (jorgemercado) 3 weeks ago

This is simply beyond everything that has blown my mind!

Valiko Proskurnin (valikko) 2 weeks ago

great story!

Darya Gordeeva (daria2410) 2 weeks ago


Fedor Borodin (fmborodin) 1 week ago

really amazing story!