Photographer Kirsty O Keeffe

Waterford, Ireland
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Photographer Kirsty O Keeffe
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120 USD
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  • First and foremost – whom can you name as the best photographer in Waterford? :)

    There are a few great wedding photographers in Waterford and Kilkenny. Obviously I’m biased, but I don’t think I do too bad. I always aim to do my best for every couple that walks through the door. You only get one chance to do it right!

  • Are you photogenic?

    Probably not but I have the advantage of great photoshop skills!

  • How did you get in the photography industry?

    I come from a fine art photography background and only used to shoot weddings on the side. I didn’t always enjoy them – but that was back when the style was super traditional and formal. Wedding photography has changed so much in the last ten years, and now couples want something unique and creative. So I decided to turn the majority of my attention back into wedding photography and I honestly now feel that I have the best job in the world.

  • What are the most important components of a good photo in your opinion?

    Happy faces, and capturing that perfect moment that can tell a couples story.

  • Do you love traveling?

    I travel as much as I can – for work and pleasure. I took off a month this year in my quiet period to travel Cambodia and it was one of the best experiences of my life.

  • What do you like most about your profession?

    I love that I get to spend such a special moment in time with each of the couples I work with. It’s such a happy and emotional and exciting day, and I’m usually there from start to finish. I end up forming quite a bond with the couples I work with.

  • What do you like least about your profession?

    There’s nothing I hate! Some days I have to spend long hours on photoshop, but I put my comfy clothes on, find a good playlist and have a few nice coffees to keep me going!

  • What will be the future of photography?

    It’s changed already so much in the past ten years. I can’t wait to see what the next ten bring.

  • What is special in the photography genre you specialise at?

    As a wedding photographer you not only have to take great pictures, but you have to relax nervous brides and grooms, keep everyone on time, be great at organizing large groups, co-ordinate with hair, makeup, florists, videographers, hotel staff, work to a strict time scale, have to adapt in an emergency ( and never ever let the bride and groom know there’s even been an emergency), deal sensitively with potentially awkward family issues, and cope with the Irish weather! All that and you only get one chance to do it all right. No pressure! But I wouldn’t swap it for any other job. It’s the best.

  • What should be the criteria for a customer to choose a photographer?

    Really look at their work and make sure you really love what they do. Also I think it’s really important to actually like and get on with your photographer. You’ll be spending one of the biggest days of your life with them – so you’ll want to be able to get on and have a laugh with them.

  • When are you completely satisfied with your work?

    The most satisfying part of my job is when I hear back from couples who love their photos. Many say that they just couldn’t stop crying when they got them and that is the best feeling for me because then I know I’ve done my job well.