24 mm
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Andrey Shirkalin (Shirkalin) 1 week ago

great frame

Anton Yulikov (Yulikov) 1 week ago

Great moment! These fun girls look cool! I like the combination of their various hats reminiscent of characters of different cartoons, various decorative accessories and microphones in their hands with luminous rings. Their emotions and actions, songs and entertainment are the coolest thing in this frame.

Miguel Bolaños (bolaos) 1 week ago

genial imagen. Alegría, color, momento, composición... enhorabuena

Felipe Figueroa (felphotography) 1 week ago

Bellos los colores!! Nada como una fiesta hora loca Venezolana jajaja

Jorge Mercado (jorgemercado) 1 week ago

Buen click, Victor!!!

Sandra Patapiene (Fotoidile) 1 week ago

So so so GREAT work!