35 mm
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Anton Yulikov (Yulikov) 1 month ago

Wonderful shot. This nature view is magnificent. This is an amazing place and amazing landscape which depicts a beautiful image of a young couple. I like this unusual combination of colors and shades. The vegetation on the mountain which is lit by the sun, the vegetation which is in the shade, the mirror lake ... Their green shades are excellent details of this composition

Jorge Mercado (jorgemercado) 1 month ago

Thank you, Anton!!!

Egor Matasov (hopoved) 1 month ago

It’s look like “kvareli lake” in Georgia.

Jorge Mercado (jorgemercado) 1 month ago

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Jorge Mercado (jorgemercado) 1 month ago Quote

It is in Mexico, the place is located in Jalisco named Sierra Lago.