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Nikita Pogosov (Poffesy) 1 week ago

Excellent geometry and composition)

Dominic Lemoine (dominiclemoine) 1 week ago

Love this! Your work is simply stunning!

Aleksandr Kiselev (Kompot) 1 week ago

Бомбезный кадр

Flavio Roberto (FlavioRoberto) 1 week ago

These lines are beautiful! Beautiful composition! Nice picture!

Fabiano Rodriguez (fabianorodriguez) 1 week ago

I loved the leftovers, I spent a lot of time admiring the details, congratulations!

Yuliya Platonova (JuliaPlatonova) 1 week ago

Very nice pic!

Igor Maykherkevich (MAYCHERKEVYCH) 1 week ago

I loved this photo

Petr Cherchel (pCherchel) 1 week ago


Lorenzo Romeo (Lorenzoromeo) 1 week ago

Bellissima Matte