Does editor look all the uploaded images

Want to know, if I am doing something wrong. Does editor see a selection of images or all the images.


Hello Sagarneel!
We guarantee to look through all the works of the MyWed Pro users. Photos of other photographers are reviewed as far as possible.
I don't think so ,especially if you are not paid member.
I have the same doubt... because it is that so many photos are uploaded per day... that I think it is an impossible job to be able to see all of them.... I just have 1 editor choise... I got this after 2 months that I uploaded this picture.
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you know that I'm wondering about the same thing, last editors choice I've received some year ago, and i mean i have all the pictures above 30, 40, 50 likes, i mean they are not all trash ...
The issue of flags is a difficult discussion to understand. Personally, I believe that I am on a blacklist, and therefore, even if I upload the best photo in the world, they won't give me a red flag. Now, why would I be on a blacklist? Because I upload photos that are awarded on other platforms, but here, nothing happens.How to get on the blacklist? Well, in my opinion, if you get a lot of likes, they put you on the blacklist... they don't like it when you get likes. Hoy you can read in the photo attached. For that reason, I don't know what to do... if I interact too much on MyWed, I will get likes and that will be considered cheating. I hope that one day they will take me off their blacklist. I promise not to interact anymore, I will just upload my photos and that's it.
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