Bonneville Salt Flats Engagement

Where to begin? There’s so much I want to say about Frances and Bryce’s Bonneville Salt Flats engagement session that I’m paradoxically at a loss for words (much to Jesse’s disbelief). But if you take nothing else from this blog post, know that we had the best time at this Alt Session!Serendipity brought these two awesome people into our lives. I met Frances in a spa waiting room at a wedding industry networking event – I know, I know, we lead rough lives. Frances is a well-known Colorado wedding photographer and our very first conversation was tantalizing enough to make me reach out and invite her to drink whiskey with us in Arvada. Which we did, sans Bryce, who was sick on the day we planned it. But whiskey dates wait for no man! The conversation (and whiskey) flowed smoothly, there was plenty of sarcasm and dry humor to go around, and we agreed to do it again, next time with Bryce. As the months passed and we got to know them more, it was clear that they are definitely our kind of people.But the coolest part about hanging out with them has been seeing just how perfectly they balance each other. They are yin and yang. A perfect equilibrium of earnestness and irreverence, respect and defiance, tranquility and abandon. The one spot where they’re equally matched, however, is in their sense of adventure. I mean, they followed us 600 miles away from Denver to a location we hadn’t visited before and eagerly did everything we asked of them…including standing in cold water at 10:30 pm with a murder van lurking just a few yards away!

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Beautyfull Work!

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