Try not to cry... a marriage vows @ amazing Plage Keller, Antibes France

Photography is a powerful tool. Once you’ve mastered it you can tell stories by putting photos into a sequence. Apart from photography itself it is not an easy task. The right sequence will add emotional impact to selected photos. But no matter how good you are, you can't substitute real voice of a people on your photos. Yes, I do value real voice, especially during moments like marriage vows. After all it is the most important words of the wedding day. I do believe those words will be valued by a couple too, if not at once but for sure later on. Sometimes there is no videographer hired around and I just can't not to hit the record button... Try not to cry during this couples marriage vows. The wedding took place in amazing Plage Keller, Antibes France.
What do you being in such situation?

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