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Alex Paul (alexpaulphoto) 3 weeks ago

Hi, guys! The main question for me is when are you planning to improve your SEO for the USA locations?

Mywed Team (MyWedTeam) 3 weeks ago

Hi Alex, we are working on the issue now. However, different countries show different results. We will certainly improve our USA SEO in close future. By the way, if you want to help us you can set a link to your profile on on your website :)

Mywed Team (MyWedTeam) 2 weeks ago

By the way, if you have any suggestions, you can also post them here.

Szabolcs Sipos (siposszabolcs) 1 week ago

Hi! I have a suggestion. Would it be possible to make the little coloured achievement flags beside the photographers profile picture clickable? I mean, it would be so useful if by clicking on them we could filter out those photographs.

Mywed Team (MyWedTeam) 1 week ago

Great idea! We'll forward it to our development team, thank you!

Laurentiu Nica (laurentiunica) 6 days ago

Hello ! From two days ago I can't click Like on photos. The limit is for a day or for a week ? And a suggestion: notification for replies on photos. Thanks !

Mywed Team (MyWedTeam) 6 days ago

We have daily and monthly likes and comments limits.
If you see a message about reaching your limit – it means that you've used your daily or monthly limit and you will not be able to add new likes or comments until the next period. Thank you for your suggestion!

Ever Lopez (everlopez) 2 days ago

Message deleted by its owner

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