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  • Jeffrey Foote (jeffreyfoote)
    Jeffrey Foote jeffreyfoote Ithaca, United States
    Last seen a long time ago
    Jeffrey Foote (jeffreyfoote)
    I am told that my images look very life-like. Photography to me is about controlling light, working with it and utilizing available light. The goal is to capture images I want to show right out of the camera with very little need to do post processing, realistic life images. Ithaca, United States 300 USD Jeffrey Foote +1 607-227-1168
    300 USD per hour
    10 hours minimum
  • Julie Prisloe (julieprisloe)
    Julie Prisloe julieprisloe Ithaca, United States
    Last seen a long time ago
    Julie Prisloe (julieprisloe)
    I love documenting life thru my camera. I love to observe people and catch those moments and connections between them. I have a fine arts background in photography, illustration and graphic design.
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  • Sarah Clapp (sarahclapp)
    Sarah Clapp sarahclapp Ithaca, United States
    Last seen a long time ago
    Sarah Clapp (sarahclapp)
    My love for this work comes from a desire of knowing ones story, documenting the real and unscripted moments, interactions and love that you share with both your significant other and your community.
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