Photographers in Puerto Vallarta: wedding photography

Hire a photographer for wedding and studio photography for a favourable price. A wedding photographer in Puerto Vallarta will make your most memorable life celebration exquisite by producing the best wedding photography.
You can proclaim your nuptial vows at the iconic Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe. For a waterfront outline, head to Playa las Gemelas beach just 20 minutes south of Puerto Vallarta. The Botanical Gardens offer nature lovers peace as photographers take scenic wedding images. A photographer will cover the lovely Malecon boardwalk and Los Arcos in a photo shoot. As the day ends, sunset photos of the Malecon look refinedly sublime so urge a professional photographer for a few. more
  • Photographer's speciality
    • Wedding55
    • Couples2
    • Maternity1
    • Newborn0
    • Kids0
    • Family4
    • Portrait3
  • Charge per hour
    0 900  USD
  • Photographer's language
    Any language
    • Spanish53
    • English49
    • Italian3
    • French3
    • Russian3
    • Romanian1
    • Portuguese1

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