Wedding photographers in Cork

Heading north for a wedding? Or are you a resident of the Emerald Isle looking for a photographer? Whatever the circumstances, book a professional photographer in Cork in advance of the wedding date. To accomplish wedding photography ideas, a photographer might take you to the country to enjoy all shades of green of the Irish landscape instead of hiding in the shelter of his or her photography studio.
The mix of Georgian and Gothic architecture gives Cork a certain touch of old-fashioned romance. Taking photography here is a great option, as local photographers are used to the town's bleak light. The best wedding photographer is a photography master who can cover your wedding no matter what. more
  • Photographer's speciality
    • Wedding22
    • Couples0
    • Maternity0
    • Newborn0
    • Kids0
    • Family0
    • Portrait0
  • Charge per hour
    75 285  USD
  • Photographer's language
    Any language
    • English22
    • Polish5
    • Russian4
    • Lithuanian2
    • Italian1
    • Spanish1
    • Portuguese1
    • Ukrainian1

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