Life Passage as a Professional Photographer

19.11.2017 New Plymouth, Neuseeland
It has been more than 2 years since I made the decision to be a full time photographer. It has always been my passion, photography. But unlike many others, photography was a passion hidden from me. I have been using the camera, creating memories since my memory permit me, but I did not notice that. Piled upon layers and layers of this thing called life and the necessities and expectations that comes with it, my passion resides. I begun noticing this passion after scrolling through thousands after thousands of photos of years clicking that shutter, learning all the technicalities and the art skills of creating works of art. Yes, even art requires an art skill to produce. A thought begun creeping into my mind as I ponder on the possibility of being a photographer, breathing and living photography. As support rolls in from loved ones, minds were made that I would pursue this passion.The story doesn't stop there. It wasn't all happy, everything is going smoothly right from the get go. No. It was a steep learning curve, finding out things I didn't know and learning things I didn't know I needed to know. But I stuck with what I love about photography. The ability to freeze a moment in time. The photo of that frozen time holds unimaginable emotions, being able to bring floods of feelings back to the people in them, which is why I decided to focus on being a wedding photographer. As moments in a wedding fleets away unknowingly, only photos are able to contain those moments timelessly. Intimacy in a wedding, the atmosphere filled with love, and the outpouring of love from the guest to the couple, makes it all worthwhile to go the extra mile to ensure that the couple gets the best in photography service. And that is the photography style which I have stuck with all this time. Honesty and the best in service and quality of the images I create. Moments are what I am after and my goal is to capture every smiles, tears (happy ones of course), laughter and fun! Those moments happens only once, and then, there's the photo which will remains timeless, ready to bring back those moments and emotions that comes with it. Wonderful isn't it?