How to choose the best wedding photographer

13.05.2017 Neu-Delhi, Indien
They say Indian spend with open hand only on two occasions, one when they construct a house and second at the weddings. Indeed, weddings in India are a costly affair. These days millions of rupees are spent on wedding decoration and dinners. The wedding planning has become a new vertical and lot of high-end weddings are elaborately planned and executed by the professional wedding planners. There is nothing sober about the Indian weddings. Right from loud music to loud decoration, everything goes which is costly. Even the bridal makeup and dressing has become a separate industry in its own right. However, the wedding no matter how costly is always a short affair, often spanning two to three days. Thereafter there is nothing but the memories of the grand function. That is where the wedding photography comes in. It is another offshoot of wedding culture of India. Nowadays everyone wants to preserve the memory of wedding in specially created photo albums.
The professional photographers are hired for covering the event. In cities like Delhi and Mumbai wedding photographers make good money. These wedding photographers have specialized in covering the wedding and give special packages which can range from few thousands to lakhs. These wedding photographers typically not only shoot the wedding function but also take candid pictures of the bride and groom prior to or after the wedding. The wedding couple is taken to different spots for the photo shoot in romantic poses and dressed up accordingly. One can avail the services of wedding photographers by contacting them through their websites or calling them up. Many of them advertise their services. It is important to note that the wedding season is a busy time for the photographers as well and they have commitments to honor so it is a good idea to book them much in advance. Since one is often overburdened at the time of wedding it would be a good idea to do some research about the wedding photographers beforehand. A number of things must be kept in mind while searching for a wedding photographer. Many things are important for a good wedding shoot. A good DSLR camera is a must for a wedding photographer so make sure that your wedding photographer is going to shoot your wedding with Canon or Nikon cameras which are in vogue. Canon 5D cameras are considered to be one of the best options. Secondly, do not forget to see his previous work. Any wedding photographer in the business would have a portfolio; make sure that you like his earlier pictures as the results would be similar in your wedding. Next thing to see is if he is going to shoot alone or with two or three cameramen; more the merrier. Last but not the least, ask him if he would he be giving you anything complimentary. Wedding photographers in Mumbai are known to give a lot of complimentary services. Also ask him if the hairstylist, makeup artists etc are covered in the deal. This is how you can extract maximum from your photographer and cherish your memories for a lifetime. To know more about professional photographers visit here…