A little goes a long way

Nächste Fotoserie
As one can imagine, being a wedding photographer, one meets all kinds of people. I offer you this story, not because it's the sexiest shoot, or the most expensive, or even the most glamorous. It was simply one of the nicest, 'feel good' weddings I've photographed.
I meet with the mother and her daughter one afternoon. The MOB said they loved my images. She needed a photographer for her daughter's wedding up in Dothan Alabama's Botanical garden. Just the 'getting ready part and the ceremony.' She asked me how much. I told her. She wanted to pay me in installments, for the next 6 months. A little at time. 'Would that be ok?' It's not something I ordinaraily do. Keeping track of what amount gets sent when, and what the remaining balance is, etc...but I liked these people...and I truly believe that nice wedding photographs should not be so high priced as to be unattainable by hard working people. [The truth is, I work with everybody on their wedding budget.]. Anyway, it's wedding day...my fee has been paid, and these people couldnt have been more fun, accomodating and pleasant to be around. It was just one of those wedding that was fun to shoot because they were fun! I could have charged $10 for gas and it all would have been worth it.